2021 Day 189 Task – Checked Energy Conversion & Management Paper Draft

My main task today was purely to check my student’s ECM paper draft which has been pending for 2 weeks. I found it tough to check the paper before this because I need to revamp the Introduction part a lot and that alone has pretty much delayed me. However, the end of today I am very pleased that I managed to stay focused and check the paper up to 90% of the content. I will complete the remaining 10% tomorrow and return the draft back to my student.

Important point: I am very impressed with my student’s work. After all she managed to prepare this 50 page manuscript in 3 months as a PSM student. Remarkable!

Day 329 Task – More of Journal Checkings and Preparations.

Today after my ITE Class, I decided to continue work on another 2 journals that has been queuing in the pipeline. I am working on my PhD student’s manuscript which is related to costing analysis of our catalysts and reactor system which we plan to submit to Energy Conversion and Management Journal, another reputable journal. The impact factor of this journal is mentioned below:

Impact Factor: 8.208 ℹ
5-Year Impact Factor: 7.447

The content is there but we need some checking and fine tuning.

Another manuscript is once again my PSM student work, also Fatin Farihah which is to be submitted to IJRED Journal, a scopus journal. She had corrected and improved the manuscript. I am going to further check and enhance it before submitting to the editorial system.

A bit about IJRED Journal. The International Journal of Renewable Energy Development – (p-ISSN: 2252-4940; e-ISSN:2716-4519, CODEN: IJREAC, OCLC: 828722266) is an open access and peer-reviewed journal published by Center of Biomass and Renewable Energy (CBIORE) Diponegoro University Indonesia that aims to promote renewable energy researchs and developments, and it provides a link between scientists and practitioners. The International Journal of Renewable Energy Development has been identified in crossref with a DOI number: 10.14710/ijred.

Goshhh, this week I am anticipating myself to be extremely busy with journal publication management. Not only the ones that I shared here, but also AJEE journal that I am managing as Editor.

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Day 17 Task – Manuscript Submission to Energy Conversion and Management Journal

Today, a Friday, a beautiful public holiday. It is tough to do work. I feel just like resting and relaxing. But I have already relaxed several hours yesterday night (Thursday night) and I have also relaxed for the passed 4 hours on this Friday morning. It is time to start working on something that has been long pending. I am starting to submit this long overdue paper today. Hopefully by tomorrow it can be submitted.

Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —> https://people.utm.my/zakiyamani/category/1-activity-1-day/