2021 Day 189 Task – Checked Energy Conversion & Management Paper Draft

My main task today was purely to check my student’s ECM paper draft which has been pending for 2 weeks. I found it tough to check the paper before this because I need to revamp the Introduction part a lot and that alone has pretty much delayed me. However, the end of today I am very pleased that I managed to stay focused and check the paper up to 90% of the content. I will complete the remaining 10% tomorrow and return the draft back to my student.

Important point: I am very impressed with my student’s work. After all she managed to prepare this 50 page manuscript in 3 months as a PSM student. Remarkable!

2021 Day 147 Task – Consortium Grant Meeting

It’s a wonderful Friday. It’s a holiday. Nevertheless we have this Consortium Meeting to attend to, for discussion of many things with counterparts from UTM, UPM and UTHM from 8.30am to 10am. InsyaAllah next meeting will be some where next month to report on progress of each other. Still have plenty to learn (for me).

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • IJET Editorial Matters.
  • Check ECM journal paper draft.
  • Continue prepare Refinery & Petroleum Final Exam Questions & accompanying documentations.
  • Look into LAPORAN AKHIR Q.J130000.2546.20H56 – This will be challenging!
  • Went through final IOP contract agreement.
  • Received BCREC paper typesetting – to check and improve it.

Day 250 Task – Perfecting Abstract and Graphical Abstract for My Review Paper

It was not a good Saturday start as I pampered myself lazily. But I know I really needed a piece of break from my hectic career life and super weirdo interest. I tried to use the late morning to perfect my abstract and graphical abstract for my review paper. This paper was prepared by my master student and it is really a very long paper.  It also took me a while to check and finalize this. I will be continuing this work and feel positive to submit this manuscript within this week. InsyaAllah.

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Day 150 Task – Checking My Master Student’s Review Paper Manuscript

This project has been pending for quite some time and I am not proud of being very late. The task is quite overwhelming because it is quite a  long manuscript and the amount of interruption i always get from numerous other tasks, keeps me to put this into a delayed but important priority, and I am personally not happy with the way i treat this project. I must get it done once and for all. InsyaAllah, this week, it will be submitted, that’s a challenge to myself.

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Day 17 Task – Manuscript Submission to Energy Conversion and Management Journal

Today, a Friday, a beautiful public holiday. It is tough to do work. I feel just like resting and relaxing. But I have already relaxed several hours yesterday night (Thursday night) and I have also relaxed for the passed 4 hours on this Friday morning. It is time to start working on something that has been long pending. I am starting to submit this long overdue paper today. Hopefully by tomorrow it can be submitted.

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My new publication – Energy Conversion and Management Journal (ECM)

I am extremely delighted to share that my writing has been finally published in Energy Conversion and Management Journal (ECM), a journal under Elsevier. It was such a hard work getting the manuscript written, prepared, published and corrected until the final end. To add to the joy, this is a Quartile 1 quality journal which means it is of high impact. I’m preparing myself to write more and published in more higher impact journal.

Following is the detail of my journal:

Optimization of catalytic glycerol steam reforming to light olefins using Cu/ZSM-5 catalyst, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 86, October 2014, Pages 735–744.

To download the paper, visit the journal section.



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