2021 Day 189 Task – Checked Energy Conversion & Management Paper Draft

My main task today was purely to check my student’s ECM paper draft which has been pending for 2 weeks. I found it tough to check the paper before this because I need to revamp the Introduction part a lot and that alone has pretty much delayed me. However, the end of today I am very pleased that I managed to stay focused and check the paper up to 90% of the content. I will complete the remaining 10% tomorrow and return the draft back to my student.

Important point: I am very impressed with my student’s work. After all she managed to prepare this 50 page manuscript in 3 months as a PSM student. Remarkable!

Day 120 Task – Finalized New Revised Undergraduate Research Topic

Originally the students and me, we have agreed on experimental type research topic and I can say the 4 of them have already their research proposal 60-80% complete. Unfortunately, since the university is not opened to public, and we cannot go to work and the students are all at their hometown, we are urged to change the research topic to a non experimental ones. I let my students to figure out or to come out with their own topic. Unfortunately, they have no idea and it ended up I gave them the research topic, as can see below:

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