2021 Day 137 Task – Marking Petroleum and Refinery Technology Test

This is not an easy tasks as the answer scripts are all in softcopy form. Students have uploaded the pdf version of their answer script to elearning and I just used the platform the marked it online and insert the marks straight away in eLearning. Luckily I have graded more than half of it the day before and left with just few more today.

Other Highlighted Tasks of the day:

  • Mock Presentation #1 with my PDP students at 1pm.
  • Went to clinic for wife and daughter medication.
  • Assisted my daughter (standard 3) with her online class and assignment.

Day 3 Task: Marking Final Exam Paper

Today is a beautiful Friday, a wonderful and long waited weekend here in Johor Bahru. Our official weekend is Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday.

Although it is a rest day, I have to do do the marking of my final exam paper – Refinery and Petrochemical Technologies SKKC4723 – Final year students. There are altogether 31 students.


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