Day 192 Task – Master Thesis Correction Review

As an internal examiner to Dr. Muhammad Tahir’s Student which I became earlier this February 2020, I have to check and approve his improvement and correction made in his dissertation. I took some time to review and check the correction made of his thesis titled “PHOTOCATALYTIC WATER SPLITTING OVER TITANIUM ALUMINIUM CARBIDE ASSISTED RUTHENIUM WITH GRAPHITIC CARBON NITRIDE FOR HYDROGEN PRODUCTION”.

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Day 164 Task – Checking Master Students Project Proposal

Several students of mine have submitted their proposal, draft and reports. Today, I allocated some time to check some of the proposal and report drafts. One of the interesting report is about my Master Safety and Health student who performed a research on the health quality of mariners. It is a topic which I have never ever imagined but through her work, I learned a lot and discovered the problems that seafarers and mariners faced. Imagine if you a seafarers and work in the middle of the ocean for 6 months. Suddenly you got very sick and need medication attention. How, where and when you will be treated? Where is the nearest hospital in the middle of Pacific Ocean?

Think about that…

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Day 85 Task – Checking my Master Student Thesis & Planning for Plant Design Project Interim Presentation

Today it’s the 6th day of working from home deal and the 8th day of us all staying quarantine at home. No matter what we need to stay focus, plan and organize our task, job etc from home. I have arranged my time just like the normal working days accept I am doing work from home. This means I will work in the morning till late afternoon. After that we will do some exercise activity before at night, after dinner/Isya prayer, I will work on my other non-official projects.

Anyway, to update today’s task. The main task was checking my Master Student’s Chapter 4 which I just received yesterday. Alhamdulillah I completed the task around 6pm. In between that, I also discussed with the PDP coordinator team about how to manage the Interim Plant Design Project presentation that should be taking place on the 7th of April 2020. This must be carefully planned so that the execution will be smooth, consider all kinds of situation of students and panels. I have drafted the schedule and also instruction yesterday and today was mainly further improving and discussing the management of the Interim Presentation.

It’s now 10.10 pm and I just finally updated a revised schedule of the Interim Presentation which is to be discussed again with our PDP coordinator. So, let’s just see how it goes.


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