MKK Master Chemical Engineering – First Stage Assessment

Today I examined 2 MKK students, mixed mode alongside with Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Ramli Mat. Both students were David (from Nigeria) and William (from Kenya). Both are great fantastic brilliant students. Both presented well and the works that they have/will be doing are impressive. Both students are presently supervised by Prof. Ir. Dr. Nor Aishah Saidina Amin (NASA) and co-supervised by Dr. Tahir.

After lunch, it was my student’s turn to be examined. Ammaru (from Nigeria) was evaluated by Dr. Tahir and Dr. Mahadhir, with Dr. Abbas as the chairman. Ammaru did great and he need to improve a bit in his proposal. Nothing much to worry though 🙂

My 2 cent

It’s good to be both examiner and supervisor at almost the same time. I personally learned a lot from this exercises, which is crucial for personal development and improvement. giving advice and inspiring the student to do better is another angle of which we need to be good at. Working on that 🙂