2021 Day 79 Tasks – Meeting My IEM Mentee

Today I had an appointment with my IEM Mentee who came all the way from Pasir Gudang. I reviewed and stamped his 1st year documentation.

Other highlighted tasks:

  • Master Safety Class in the morning
  • Meeting with my new MKKH Master student (FBME)
  • Meeting with my Plant Design Project Team
  • Brief discussion on CEE website with our CEE interns.

New Paper Published for 2020 in CET – Development of Sulphonated Sago Pith Waste Catalyst for Esterification of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate to Methyl Ester

Alhamdulillah, this paper has been published in Chemical Engineering Transaction Journal (CET) 2020. This is the work performed by my Master Student, Zarifah Zailan. InsyaAllah she will submit her thesis somewhere in April 2020. Pray for her.

First Stage Proposal MKKK of my student


After the PDP briefing and before the TDRS presentation, I squeezed my time to be in the first stage session of my MKKK mixed mode student, Abdul Salam from Libya. We need to sit down together to improve the research project.

Examiner for MKKE Proposal and Final Defence

  • Tarikh: 6 August 2019
  • Masa: 2.00pm -4.30pm
  • Lokasi: BMF, N01

Saya menjadi penilai (examiner) bersama-sama dengan PM Dr. Mohd Kamaruddin Abd Hamid untuk 6 orang pelajar MKKE Master Energy. Ini kali kedua saya menjadi penilai untuk pelajar Master Energy. Untuk sesi kali ini ada 2 pelajar yang membentangkan proposal, manakala 4 pelajar membentangkan final disertationnya.

Saya seronok menjadi penilai sebab dapat melihat research-research baru yang sangat menarik dan interesting. Itulah, luasnya ilmu Allah. Setinggi mana pun kita belajar, sehingga 10x phD sekalipun, takkan dapat menyamai kekuasaan ilmu yang Allah miliki. MasyaAllah.



Congratulations William for your Masters Defence

William is a master student from Kenya. I first met him when I was lecturing Plant and Chemical Safety for Masters. He is also an academic staff from a university in Kenya.

Fast forward to yesterday (28th july 2016), I was his examiner for his Chemical Engineering Master Dissertation. It should be a fast Master defense examination since he is in the Chemical Engineering Mixed-Mode program. However, the examination was stretched to 3 hours. That’s quite long for a Mixed-Mode program. It was not because the quality of work that is not good. It is in fact due to the fact that he has done SO MUCH WORK, and presented such a huge amount of result in his dissertation. All of us thought that he has done a work almost similar to a full time master student or even more than a full time master student. If he add few more elements into his work, it can be a Ph.D quality.

From left: Dr. Arif, Dr. Tahir, William, Dr. Ramli & me

I can just say WELL DONE! You should continue to do your Ph.D. Keep up the good work.

MKK Master Chemical Engineering – First Stage Assessment

Today I examined 2 MKK students, mixed mode alongside with Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Ramli Mat. Both students were David (from Nigeria) and William (from Kenya). Both are great fantastic brilliant students. Both presented well and the works that they have/will be doing are impressive. Both students are presently supervised by Prof. Ir. Dr. Nor Aishah Saidina Amin (NASA) and co-supervised by Dr. Tahir.

After lunch, it was my student’s turn to be examined. Ammaru (from Nigeria) was evaluated by Dr. Tahir and Dr. Mahadhir, with Dr. Abbas as the chairman. Ammaru did great and he need to improve a bit in his proposal. Nothing much to worry though 🙂

My 2 cent

It’s good to be both examiner and supervisor at almost the same time. I personally learned a lot from this exercises, which is crucial for personal development and improvement. giving advice and inspiring the student to do better is another angle of which we need to be good at. Working on that 🙂


My PSM Students for 2014

Since I could not secure any postgraduate students yet for 2014, I have decided to take more PSM students.

In total, I am in charge of 9 PSM students. This looks quite a lot, but I am trying my best to manage them.

7 of them are working on research related to biodiesel whereas another 2 are working on thermodynamic modelling.



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