2021 Day 212 Task – Academic Advisee Student Mark Presentation

Very early today, I prepared for the presentation of my Penasihat Akademik students

Day 335 Task – Green Screen It Is

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Day 283 Task – Providing Support for My PA Students

The new semester is around the corner and students are busy registering for their course. I am one of the Academic Advisor for my students (20 of them). Many of them contacted me today to consult for their registration. Since it is Covid-19 Pandemic era and the new norm, massive modification in terms of pre-registration and registration of course are to be implemented.

The conventional method of course modification could no longer apply.  A new method of course modification form and approach was just introduced today and as an Academic Advisor, we have to digitally and manually assist our student. Those who wanted to take credit more than 18, now must email me and later on their behalf, I need to get the Chair’s approval and subsequently submit their approved forms to the Academic Office.

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Day 159 Task – Academic Advisor in Action

Besides those clearly visible task as a lecturer, we also have to perform our task as Academic Advisor for the students under us. There are numerous issues for the coming pre-registration course subject because the future could be uncertain due to Covid-19. My coming students will have to officially register labs for next session, but then we heard that classes will be conducted online, from home.

There are also several other issues that I need to help such as student could not pre-register due to their fee have not been paid, or they have paid but not reflected that they have paid. There are also situation where some students want to take foreign language course, but it exceeds the allowable 18 credit hours. All of these issues need to be addressed and assisted.

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Day 45 Task – Get Together with My Academic Advisee Students

Rancangan mengadakan get together bersama student Penasihat Akademik (PA) saya akhirnya dapat dijayakan pada hari ini di rumah saya. Alhamdulillah. Ini adalah set pelajar PA saya yang kedua dalam karier saya sebagai pensyarah. Pelajar PA saya sekarang berada dalam tahun kedua pengajian semester kedua.

Kesemua mereka ada 23 orang dan yang hadir 15. Yang tak hadir ada hal dan urusan tertentu. It is ok. Tapi 15 pelajar yang hadir saya berikan sepatah dua kata motivasi dan bayangan perancangan karier serta bayangan perancangan akhir pengajian. Program start pukul 6pm, dengan sedikit riadhah, bola dan badminton. Main kejap je, lepas tu buat tour rumah, dan diikuti dengan makan malam. Lepas tu solat magrib kejap dan sesi ceritera motivasi masa hadapan. Alhamdulillah semua kenyang dan happy :).

Terima kasih isteri PM Dr. Mazura yang memberi sokongan dan bantu bertungkus lumus masak di dapur. Ikhwan, Marsya, Alya, Zara, Bibik… Semuanya berhempas pulas bantu prep the house for the event.
Thanks Ikhwan buatkan video amazing untuk rekodkan event ini.

Check out link YouTube di bawah untuk melihat perjalanan get together saya dan student PA saya:

Lepas ni ready untuk get together dengan PA Student wife pulak.

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Day 41 Task – Dealing and Handling with My Penasihat Akademik Student Registration

It’s still week 1 of the new semester 20192020 Session 2. Students have just returned from their hometown. For some students the course pre-registration were not smooth and they need to discuss and get their Academic Advisor’s signature to change section or enroll into cocuriculum course and others.

Same goes for me. I have several students meeting me yesterday and today. Some parta of the day I was not in office and I have to handle via WhatsApp and phone call, to give consultation and advice.

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