2021 Day 182 Task – Checked RADIS and Submitted Research Grant Progress Reports & CV Update

After going through my research grants in RADIS UTM system, I realized that it’s time for me to submit quite a number of grant progress reports. I have completed and submitted a progress report for a research grant that has ended last 2 months. However I forgot to check about my other research grants.

But honestly, most of the time was actually focused on improving and enhancing my CV. I realized that my CV was not super complete in terms of all the tiny details. Don’t be mistaken. I do have my CV and the CV is in decent condition and also updated. I just wanted to update one that is updated to the fullest detail, that means up to all the conferences that I presented and attended, all the students and topics of the master presentations, all the details of the research grants and all the details of the publication and others.

Day 341 Task – Checking & Updating My NewRadis Account

I am fortunate that I was awarded with several research grants this year and last year. To run the projects, I have appointed my student under the GRA and SRA scheme in NewRadis roughly 1 month ago. Unfortunately, the appointment require some amendment but I receive no email to notify me about this. I only realized this when I login my NewRadis account.

Although I felt like blaming the system why no email was sent to inform me about this, I am blaming myself as well because why I am not aggressive in following up on the matter. From now on, I need to regularly login to my NewRadis account on a weekly basis, perhaps every Monday, to check on any Returned Application or Pending Application. InsyaAllah, by being more aggressive, I won’t waste time.

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Day 27 Task – Updating my UTM RADIS System

There has been numerous activities in my UTM RADIS System. I have received new grants, applied for new activity as well as waiting for claim for activities. Today, I am checking out and trying to update my Radis. One grant will be ending this 31st January and I need to prepare a report for that grant. Then, managed the other grants as well. All the best to me 🙂 . One of my grant has been just activated.

Other tasks:

  • Updating CAR for my courses.
  • Checking and update for MPC project.

Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —> https://people.utm.my/zakiyamani/category/1-activity-1-day/