Day 92 Task – Brief Trip to My Office After 2 Week MCO

The MCO has been implemented since 18th March 2020 and that means I have not visited my office for 2 weeks already because we were instructed just to stay and work from home. However, I need to get some documents, books and reference for my online teaching and the filling up for Anugerah Pengajaran. Hence, I have to go to my office, but first I need to get an approval from the Chair.

Well, alhamdulillah everything was fine. I managed to get all my things… I am able to continue work from home. But UTM and the streets are empty. It’s clear. No traffic jam at least from my house to UTM. However, I can see some traffic jam on the way exiting Jalan Skudai which I strongly believe is due to the Police / Military road blocks to minimize and control the vehicles and people movement.

Jury for 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Today I became one of the jury for the 3 Minute Thesis Competition which was held in conjunction of the UTM Research Week Carnival 2019. Alongside with me was Prof. Madya. Dr. Mazura Jusoh and Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Kamaruddin Abd Hamid. During my session, there were 16 postgraduate students contesting. At the end we chose 3 of the best to proceed to the next round.