Day 258 Task – Research Methodology Book Project Meeting

The Faculty of Engineering has asked each schools under its umbrella to prepare and publish a research methodology book. For that purpose, we had a meeting which was held after lunch at Bilik Mesyuarat Fakulti N01 to discuss the matter and approach. The initial plan was a bit confusing for a lot of us and many have opted to wait for the meeting for deciding the best approach to write the research methodology according to everyone’s expertise.

After quite a lengthy discussion, we unanimously decide on one approach. We have roughly 5 weeks to prepare the chapter. InsyaAllah it is possible. We’ll do it.


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Engineering 2 Volleyball Team @ UTM Interdepartment Sports

Today is the day – the volleyball inter department game and Engineering 2 team that comprises School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, School of Civil engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering will compete against other departments.

All the best to our women team yeahhh…