Day 83 Task – Plant Design Project Meeting Via Zoom

Earlier today, I had a discussion with Dr. Azizul on how to conduct the Interim presentation for Plant Design Project (PDP) since we cannot have physical meeting in the university due to Covid-19. He suggested to use Zoom application, which subsequently after that, I tested Zoom straight away with him. It was my first time and i found using it quite user friendly and easy.

Since I have attempted using Zoom, I straight away invited my PDP students to have our first Zoom meeting session, since we have not done a meeting yet this week. Last week we had a meeting on a Tuesday, during the EAC Audit Meeting.

In short the one hour session that started at 3pm to 4pm was successfully executed. All Wei Chi, Yogenathan, Sabrina and Intan were visibly there and we were interacting and discussing. The design and simulation was smoothly shared for everybody to view.

It seems like we are going to have multiple Zoom sessions in future not only for PDP meeting but for other official meetings as well. Bravo.


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