Mt Bromo, Indonesia Part 1

Sewa Jeep untuk journey dari Malang ke Mt Bromo. 3 hours journey so usually the organizer pick up the customer midnight. We share the jeep with 2 others traveller from Germany and paid about RM 250 per person. The ride was very uncomfortable as we were stuck in the back seat-mind you the seat has little or no cushion at all (imagine you are sitting in the old bus coastal in the 90s). But we endured all that to see what the big hype of Mt Bromo all about.

Pitch black when we arrive at the top. Already lots of people up there awaiting for the sunrise. Its very cold up there so it is better to have a warm jacket. Rental jacket is available but we bring ours own.

Still cannot see what the hype was. This is at 5 am. There are many look out for nice view. You have to move around to get one. No wonder all the enthusiastic travel photographer keep moving around to get the best view of Mt Bromo.

Then we moved to the other side and see this. Wooooah. Spectacular view of the Mt Bromo. What a beautiful view. My iphone camera photo does not give justice to the view. Worth the 3 hrs journey of back and bottom pain afterwards.

Stay tune to the Part 2 of the journey where we hike and climb the mount which release the white smoke on the left.