Certified Content Creator: What is that?

It has been more than three months since the deadline for content submission at MOHE website.  This is the MyDigitalEducator programme.  Alhamdulillah, with the support and mentoring from the mentor and fellow colleagues, I managed to complete the tasks on time.  That is what matters most.  The results?  I do not care much.  

An email was sent yesterday (15 November 2022) late afternoon to inform us about the results.  Alhamdulillah, I saw few names that I recognise from UTM.  One of them is the one that I learned about making videos using Canva.  I do not create the videos that I submitted in the programme using Canva though because I do not have enough time to learn due to time constraints.  

At that time, our aim is simple – “Let’s don’t repeat this again next year“.  She has the same opinion.  One of the funniest moments that we shared is when both of us were trying to submit our final assignment around 3pm.  At that time, we realised that the system was lagging.  It was not a good indication.  We know from our experience dealing with UTM ELearning, if the system is lagging, it means that there might be overloading problems due to users (large number of users at the same time).

We had a laugh at that time and said to one another “Dah mula dah.  Kena cepat ni.  Dah tak boleh nak belek lagi dah sistem ni“.  Then, we had a break for a while for asar prayer around 430ish.   I did not log in to the system after that.   I felt that I have done my best with my own limited knowledge and ability so, I could not expect more than what I can do.   She tried to log in after asar, a couple of minutes just before 5pm but could not access to the system.  She called me “Kak, dah tak boleh nak log in dah.  Ingat nak semak balik apa yang saya dah letak tadi.  Nampaknya kena redha je lah.”   Being a perfectionist, I know that she still wanted to have a final touch of everything.

At this point, I was beyond care about whatever ranking (I know that my mentor has different idea about this) and the only thing that I care is, I do not want to repeat this again.   With this experience, I know it is not easy to create materials for micro credential course.  I know my own ability to prepare for micro credential course.   It is not for me.  

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