TESDCP: What is new in the course file (TESDCP)?

There is a new feature in TES (Course file).  We have an option either to upload the documents as usual or you can link (copy-paste URL) the course file that you use.  For example, if you use Google Drive, copy-paste the link here and make sure you make it as public – so people can see it without having difficulty.   

In this picture, you might see that there is a red notification (* not compulsory).  This is because I have completed the course file using the old style.  I did this back in July 2022 immediately after we presented the marks.   But apparently, I have to provide the link of the course file in the URL box.   If not, the B3 (Yearly Validation) will be empty (not Green).

Previously, it is time-consuming to complete uploading documents at two different systems.  There is no doubt about that. Who am I, though, to challenge that? I only comply grudgingly. I am aware of individuals who give up and could not be bothered to upload the materials to the appropriate systems. Occasionally, a simple hands-on uploading can be challenging if we do not know where the required documents are saved.

Normally, I would simultaneously upload course materials to TES and the faculty’s course file system.  This is the “old” practice.  Because I am aware with myself with selective memory, I know where the documents (files) are and so do not need to search for them later.  Alhamdulillah, with the new feature, I no longer have to do that.  I just need to complete my course file in one system and copy-paste the link in TES.   (Refer to B5 – Link eLPPT – in yellow color)

Note: I would like to extend my gratitude towards those experts who created/upgraded the systems to make things easier for us as compared before.


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