2021 Day 202 Task – Active and Cooperative Learning Workshop Preparation Meeting

We’ll be handling 2 more workshops in this coming weeks. The workshops are Active Learning Workshop @ 26-28 July for UNS and also Cooperative Learning Workshop @ 3-4 August.

2021 Day 95 Tasks – ReCASE2021 Conference

Two important events are happening today: (1) ReCASE2021 Conference which is organized by UMP where 3 of my students submitted their research papers, and (2) The 2-Days Workshop On Engaging Millennial Through Active Learning

Once again, I am involved in another 2 Days Workshop oN ENGAGING MILLENNIALS THROUGH ACTIVE LEARNING. This time the event was organized by UTMLead, but handled and delivered by CEE.

31 Academic staffs from UTM Skudai, Pagoh and UTM KL participated in the workshop.


Early in the morning, this is the one important live webminar that I joined and participated with. Amazing!!!

📚CEE UTM Webinar Series📚 🔎


🔎 Extensive research has shown that people learn best by doing things and reflecting on what they have done, not by watching and listening to someone else telling them what they are supposed to know. While a good lecture can motivate and instruct students, if lecturing is the only thing that happens in a class, much less learning takes place than would occur if more active teaching methods were mixed in.

Methods for getting students actively engaged in traditional face-to-face classes have been developed and shown to be effective in hundreds of studies. Getting students actively engaged in online classes poses unique challenges, however, and methods for doing it are in a much lower state of development. This webinar outlines several of them and offers suggestions for making them effective.

Learning Outcomes:

After participating in the webinar, you will be able to answer the following questions:

-What is online active student engagement?

-What forms might it take?

-Which of those forms are most likely to effectively promote students’ learning?

-What specific online engagement strategies have been found effective in synchronous and asynchronous online courses?

-What conditions should be in place in online instruction regardless of which specific engagement strategies are adopted?

Dr. Felder has authored or co-authored over 300 papers on chemical process engineering and engineering education. He has won numerous awards for his teaching, research, and publications.

Dr. Brent is President of Education Designs, Inc., with more than 35 years of experience in education and specializes in staff development in engineering and the sciences, teacher preparation, and evaluation of educational programs at both precollege and college levels.

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Day 160 Task – CEE Monthly Meeting

Today is an official off day for Johor but that does not stop us for to have this meeting.

Agenda of Meeting:
1. Webinar dan perancangan seterusnya termasuk bengkel-bengkel latihan
3. Penilaian setengah tahun dan perancangan 2020 ahli CEE
4. Renovation CEE
5. Video competition bersama SEEM
6. Penerbitan ahli2 CEE

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Day 146 Task – My Sharing of Active Learning Published in Youtube


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Day 142 Task – Sembang Santai FB Live Discussion – Sukarkah Active Learning

Saya telah dijemput oleh PM Dr. Kamaruddin untuk menjadi salah satu panel dalam sesi diskusi Sembang Santai anjuran UTMFREE SKT. Tajuk perbincangan ini sangat menarik iaitu, “Sukarkah Nak Buat Pembelajaran Aktif Ni?”

Panel-panel terdiri daripada PM Ir Dr Mimi Haryani Hasim, Dr. Muhd Nazrul Hisham Zainal Alam, Dr. Hasrinah Hasbullah dan saya sendiri. Manakala PM Dr. Kamarudin adalah Moderator bagi program ini.

Santai Diskusi ini dijalankan secara FB LIVE dan kami semua berada di rumah masing-masing. Untuk melihat rancangan istimewa ini, sila click link ini.

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Day 48 Task – Facilitator for Active Learning Workshop in School of Chemical & Energy Engineering 17Feb

The School of Chemical and Energy Engineering (SKT) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia organized a 2-day Active Learning Workshop from 17-18 February 2020. Almost 40 academic staffs from SKT joined the workshop. The trainer of the workshop were Prof. Dr. Khairiyah Mohd Yusof and Dr. Syed Helmi while I was the facilitator alongside PM Dr. Mimi Haryani Hasim.

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Day 29 Task – Implementation of UTM Future Ready Educators Program


Today we had this talk at BMU delivered by PM DR. Nazihah, from Curriculum Innovation & Development Unit (CIDU), UTM.

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IChemE Supporting Drawings, References and Other Relevant Information

1) Infographics of CEE Workshops and Trainings around the globe:

2) News from Worldbank Organisation:



3) Testimonials from participants (in Bahasa Malaysia language):



4) List of Trainings and Workshops conducted by CEE:





MKKK1653 – Active Learning Application

Today, we conducted Active Learning (AL) for our Master MKKK1653 – Chemical Plant and Safety. There were 10 students altogether and they were divided to 3 groups. We assigned 3 expert teams and they meet up in the expert team meeting (Jigsaw application).

The topic that was used for this AL application is Introduction to Relief.