2021 Day 161 Task – Checking My EER PhD Student’s Proposal

I spent my Friday morning and afternoon checking and providing comments on my PhD EER Student who is very far far away at UAE or Sudan or United States (yes, he lives in all those places and travel a lot in between those locations). Prior to reading the report and progress, I also read several more completed PhD EER projects by previous CEE students. It’s quite different from the normal chemical engineering research… I can say it is more directed to the social sciences approach. But, I finally written down my comments and passed it to the Co-SVs.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Discussed about BCREC paper Chapter 4 – Nazlina, already pending due to submit correction.
  • Went through some EXCEL reports from my PA students – verified and approved their activities.

Day 332 Task – Post Graduate Research Methodology for Engineering Education Research

Untuk makluman kelas PLPT6123 Research Methodology akan dijalankan pada hari Khamis ini 26/11/2020, bermula jam 9.00pagi hingga 11.30pagi. Sesiapa yang berkelapangan boleh join free version Zoom seperti link di bawah.

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Day 142 Task – Sembang Santai FB Live Discussion – Sukarkah Active Learning

Saya telah dijemput oleh PM Dr. Kamaruddin untuk menjadi salah satu panel dalam sesi diskusi Sembang Santai anjuran UTMFREE SKT. Tajuk perbincangan ini sangat menarik iaitu, “Sukarkah Nak Buat Pembelajaran Aktif Ni?”

Panel-panel terdiri daripada PM Ir Dr Mimi Haryani Hasim, Dr. Muhd Nazrul Hisham Zainal Alam, Dr. Hasrinah Hasbullah dan saya sendiri. Manakala PM Dr. Kamarudin adalah Moderator bagi program ini.

Santai Diskusi ini dijalankan secara FB LIVE dan kami semua berada di rumah masing-masing. Untuk melihat rancangan istimewa ini, sila click link ini.

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Day 138 Task – Managing CEE’s AJEE Journal

ajee utmI admit that it is not easy task to be a journal editor. I have to keep on managing, keeping track of the manuscript coming, reviewed, revised, camera ready and many more. But I appreciate this new experience and I am going to be there to grasp the challenge to make AJEE a Scopus Indexed journal. It is no easy task but so far, I can assure that we are on track to make that happen soon. InsyaAllah.

Today, I revisited the manuscripts and followed up several reviewers and authors. Hopefully everything will be a smooth journey.

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Day 135 Task – The Big Engineering Education Research Meet Up

This is the first time I participated in a huge global Engineering Education meeting and more than 110 researchers associated to Engineering Education Research (EER) were here. There were several Keynote Talk that were staggered in 3 sessions on the 14th May 2020.  The first session which was as early as 7am (Malaysia time) was presented by CEE Research Fellow, Dr. Nor Farawahidah Abdul Rahman. Her presentation was very interesting and can be viewed in this youtube link. The second Keynote Talk was from Dr. Kerrie Douglas from Purdue University, USA. The second session was at 6pm (Malaysia time)while the 3rd session was at 11pm (Malaysia time).

Overall, it was such an amazing session where the EER community gathered, exchange ideas and supported each others contribution. Bravo.

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Day 133 Task – Managing AJEE Journal Again

Today, I received 3 draft manuscript for AJEE journal. 2 of them were new manuscript while 1 was a correction version from an author out of Malaysia. Looking at this positive progress, it is very interesting that if God Will, InsyaAllah, we can have AJEE Volume 4, Issue 1, published in June. I’m glad and quite relieved with this situation.

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