2022 Day 47 Task – 1st SEEM Meeting of the Year

Last time we had SEEM meeting was somewhere in November 2021, and that meeting was joined with Philippine Association of Engineering Schools (PAES). Today’s meeting (2.30pm-4.30pm) was participated by as usual committees from UTM, USM, UTM, UPM, Xiamen University, freelance and also retired educators.

Various activities concerning engineering education in Malaysia context as well as empowerment of the society membership was discussed. We hope that SEEM can grow and establish itself to be a reputable society that could enhance the progress and development of engineering education in Malaysia.

Other tasks of the day:

  • ITE Meeting – Learning Portfolio and Stage 3 Discussion – 9am
  • Completed marking Reflection #4
  • Commenced marking Meta-Reflection
  • Checked, signed and stamped PSM student’s thesis and logbook
  • Discussed thermodynamic modelling paper with PL.

2021 Day 187 Task – CEE Meeting #6 & SCEE RAE Final Slide Preparation

Today I prepared CEE Meeting #6 Slide since I will be hosting our 6th CEE meeting tomorrow. Quite a number of Agendas have been set up for discussion and I hope the meeting will be a fruitful one. On top of that I also spent quite some time to prepare the final presentation for SCEE RAE presentation. It is not Week no. 10 in the SCEE RAE program and it is the end of Phase 1 for our prestigious fellowship under SCEE RAE. I have passed the slide to the team for them to check before we have a Hub meeting tomorrow after lunch.

Other tasks highlighted today:

  • Checked ECM paper
  • Checked potential ECE paper.

Day 265 Task – RCEE2020 Preparation Meeting

Since RCEE2020 is around the corner, we started to feel the tense and adrenaline. It is time to check up again all the checklist, the flow, the technical preparation etc. Today is also the due date for the submission of consortium grant, hence the Director was busy preparing for the mega grant. I was asked to chair the meeting and ensure everything will be smooth and fine. It was initially challenging because I am not the best person who knew the overall of the conference, but someone must handle that and I was assigned. Alhamdulillah the cooperation from all committees were brilliant and amazing.

Lets hope and pray that we’ll successfully run RCEE2020 superbly.

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Day 259 Task – Urgent Consortium Night Meeting

Due to urgency to complete the Consortium proposal, we had a night meeting to discuss the alignment of the proposals between UTM, UPM and UTHM.

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Day 256 Task – UTM CEE Webminar Again with Prof Johannes Stroble

It’s an official off day for me, but early in the morning I have two major tasks to be accomplished. One is an online meeting on a Consortium Project which started at 8am. The meeting involved representatives from 3 universities: UTM, UPM and UTHM.

Subsequently after that, we had a live webminar session where I was once again the MC for the session.


At first glance, Engineering and Philosophy seem to be on opposite sides of a spectrum of scholarship: Engineering as a discipline concerned with making decisions, solving problems, and designing. Philosophy as a discipline concerns with studying the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. So what can philosophy bring to research and practice in engineering education? This webinar will provide an overview of different sub-disciplines of philosophy and show examples about their respective value and relevance in the deeper pursuit of engineering education research and the practice of educating engineers.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Strobel is a Full Professor at the University of Missouri where he leads a maker initiative and conducts research in engineering and STEM education. His research focuses on engineering and STEM learning through hands-on activities; defiance, empathy, care, and worldviews in engineering. Dr. Strobel has been PI, Co-PI, and key personnel of grants totaling $36,000,000 in the USA and Canada. He co-authored 160 papers and co-edited five books. Dr. Strobel is the lead designer of Hands-on Standards STEM in Action™️—a set of STEM learning modules for PreK-5th grades – in use in 35 countries and selected as a finalist for two international awards. Dr. Strobel received the 2018 Science Educator of the Year Award from the Academy of Science – St. Louis and the 2018 STEM Excellence Award from theInternational Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Dr. Strobel founded the Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (J-PEER).

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Day 160 Task – CEE Monthly Meeting

Today is an official off day for Johor but that does not stop us for to have this meeting.

Agenda of Meeting:
1. Webinar dan perancangan seterusnya termasuk bengkel-bengkel latihan
3. Penilaian setengah tahun dan perancangan 2020 ahli CEE
4. Renovation CEE
5. Video competition bersama SEEM
6. Penerbitan ahli2 CEE

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Day 139 Task – CEE New Building Project Renovation Site Visit

Today, after getting permission to enter UTM, I headed directly to C09 block, which will be the new building block for Centre for Engineering Education (CEE), UTM. It is a massive, far bigger than what I have imagined before. The renovation will be monitored by Jabatan Harta Bina (JHB). We had a meeting just now with the JHB team to finalized the details requirement for the massive renovation, covering 2 floors of C09. May Allah make this easy and smooth. InsyaAllah.

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Day 46 Task – Prepared and Submitted RCEE2020 Extended Abstract


Today is the deadline for RCEE 2020 Abstract submission. I have been working for this abstract since few days ago and I finally prepared the 2 pages extended abstract with flying colours… haha

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