2021 Day 196 Task – Complete Marking Refinery & Petrochemical Tech Course and Updated it in AIMS

Today is a Friday and an off day. I am grateful because I felt fine and healthy despite of the Pfizer injection that I obtained yesterday afternoon. Hence, I woke up early to complete checking the markings, analyze it and update all the marks in AIMS system. I then released the marks for students to view it so that if there is anything that they want to ask or check, then I can help re-check the marks.

After doing that, I checked the status of all ICLCA Chemical Engineering Transaction (CET) papers that my students have submitted. Then I communicated and discussed with relevant students, guide them on how to make improvements based on reviewers comment. I did communicated with Mei Lian, Wan Ting, Farra and also Shams (for MATPR Biodiesel paper).

At night, I had a Mock Presentation session with Azri from Lotte, my PSM Space student. The session was smooth and I gave all important comments to improve Azri’s presentation slide. In Syaa Allah Azri will do fine.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Discussed with Hafiz, PSM Space student about his work. He is working from Offshore.
  • Watched Theory of Everything movie… (this is not my official activities, but I took a break watching a biography movie of Steven Hawking)

Day 38 Task – Updating ICLCA Conference Website

I am one of the committee member for the International Conference on Low Carbon Association (ICLCA). My main task is on the maintenance and content addition of the ICLCA website. Today, I updated the website with some info as requested by the ICLCA Director, Prof Lee Chew Tin as well as requested by the Editor, Dr. Lim Jeng Shiun. So far so good. The website looks fine. I will keep on editing, improving the website and also adding contents for it.

Lets submit a research paper to ICLCA 2020. Accepted publication will usually be upgraded and published in CET Journal, a scopus rated journal.

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