Day 247 Task – ICLCA2020 Day 2 – Presenting Another Paper

It’s the second day of ICLCA2020 conference. I have another paper that will be presented by my undergraduate student, Nasyitah Mahbob. Unfortunately she could not make it to standby for the question and answer session. Hence, I have to standby for the presentation and questions and answers. To cut short, everything was ok, nice and smooth. The questions were all answered by me, hopefully the people asking the questions are happy.

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Day 246 Task – All focus on ICLCA2020 – 1st Day Action

Today is the day. It is ICLCA2020 Conference Day. Due to Pandemic, the conference have been changed to a virtual one. I have several important roles for the conference today, which are:

  1. Updating the ICLCA2020 FB Page with screenshots from Zoom during various ICLCA2020 sessions.
  2. Participated in the Poster session as my paper (under my PhD student) is presented.
  3. Chairman of the 6th parallel session alongside with PM Dr. Zurina Mohamad.

It was indeed a busy day for me, virtually.

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Day 235 Task – Updating ICLCA2020 Website

Today was the end of my brief trip with my family and parents. We arrived home nearly at 7 pm. By that time, I received a message to help update the ICLCA2020 website with some information regarding program book. Since I am the person in-charged of the website, I did handle it and publish that new piece of content effortless. I just imagine, if I don’t know how to update this, it will take hours figuring out. That’s separates people who knows and people who don’t. In this case, I know a bit about the new WP Divi Theme, although i struggled a lot last year, I managed to get better at this WP theme. There are still a lot to learn for this. There are still a lot to learn on other areas of discipline.

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Day 216 Task – Continuation of the ICLCA2020 and ICOST2020 Paper Improvement

I haven’t yet fully completed the correction and improvement of the paper that need to be submitted to ICLCA2020 and ICoST2020 as shared before here and here. Because of that, I need to focus on completing at least 2 manuscripts today.  Not only that I have 2 for ICLCA2020 and 1 manuscript for ICoST2020, I also have 1 manuscript each for RCEE2020 and ICCME2020 that need to be corrected and prepared, respectively.

I hope today will be a productive day in terms of completing most of the papers. InsyaAllah

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Day 191 Task – New RMC Activity Application for Participating in ICLCA2020

Later stage of today, I prepared several documents to be attached with the new RMC Activity Application Form which was filled up online for me to participate in ICLCA2020.

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Day 187 Task – Miscellaneous: Updating ICLCA2020 Website, ICLCA2020 paper submission, Preparation for PSM1 Presentation etc

A lot of my official tasks yesterday were not completed due to a relatively unproductive day. I was just relaxing, watching TV and entertaining myself with kids. I only did minor ICLCA Paper editing, but not completed. Today, I am going to ensure I complete more than 7 Tasks (based on my 7 Tasks Rules). Pray for me yeah…

Among the tasks I performed today:

  1. Filling up recommendation form for my ex-master student to enroll PhD in UKM.
  2. Updating plenary speakers for ICLCA2020 in ICLCA2020 website.
  3. Updating Reviever form for ICLCA2020 paper reviewing task in ICLCA2020 website.
  4. Updating and uploading my 2 manuscripts in ICLCA2020 Comet Platform.
  5. Preparation for tomorrow’s PSM1 presentation.

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Day 186 Task – Final Check of my ICLCA2020 Manuscript Submission

Today is a wonderful Saturday. I have a list of tasks to do but it is quite difficult to work during a weekend break like today. But, I am trying my best to balance both relax and work.

Anyway, I have 2 manuscripts to be submitted for ICLCA but I haven’t yet completed checking both of it. Today, I will be doing just that. Earlier, I received an email about the publication of a manuscript for a PhD student that I currently co-supervise with Dr. Muhammad Tahir. The student, Sehar Taslim, successfully managed to publish her work in Journal of Alloy and Compounds. Click the link below to see and read the manuscript.

2020 Fabricating structured 2D Ti3AlC2 MAX dispersed TiO2 heterostructure with Ni2P as a cocatalyst for efficient photocatalytic H2 production _ Elsevier Enhanced Reader

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Day 182 Task – Checking, Preparing and Submitting ICLCA2020 Manuscript

By right today is the deadline to submit ICLCA2020 manuscript and also to pay for the early bird fee. And because of that, I am preparing for it till late evening. I am submitting 2 manuscripts to this conference which for the first time will be virtually conducted. One paper is from Siti Mariah (my Phd student) and another one from Nasyitah (my undergraduate research student). For ICoST2020, I submitted one manuscript which was Lim Jian Liang’s (my undergraduate research student) paper.

Today also marks the end of the 1st half of 2020 since it is 30th June 2020. I managed to detect that thanks to this official daily task recording practice. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the second half of 2020, starting from 1st july 2020 till 31st December 2020.

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Day 121 Task – ICLCA2020 Abstract Submission

Today, after discussing with my PhD Student Siti Mariah, I submitted the abstract to ICLCA2020 conference. The Abstract and soon to be a 6 paged paper is titled “ESI-RSPO Integrated Environmental Sustainability Index Framework: A Case Study”. This will be my first submission for this conference which will be held 100% online in view of the pandemic. InsyaAllah I will be submitting one or two more abstracts. Let’s just see.

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Day 95 Task – Updating Website to make it into Virtual Conference

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the earlier plan of the 6th International Conference on Low Carbon Asia & Beyond is now known as [Virtual Conference] the 6th International Conference on Low Carbon Asia & Beyond. Several adjustment have to be made and among them are the fees of the conference and the important deadlines.

Feel free to submit your abstract. The due date is 30th April 2020. Click here to submit your abstract / to register.

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