2021 Day 227 Task – Reviewing Two MATPR Manuscripts

I received two manuscript from MATPR Editor to be reviewed. The topic was fine and within my expertise and knowledge. Luckily the manuscript were not that long. Alhamdulillah I managed to squeezed in my time and execute the reviewing process.

2021 Day 196 Task – Complete Marking Refinery & Petrochemical Tech Course and Updated it in AIMS

Today is a Friday and an off day. I am grateful because I felt fine and healthy despite of the Pfizer injection that I obtained yesterday afternoon. Hence, I woke up early to complete checking the markings, analyze it and update all the marks in AIMS system. I then released the marks for students to view it so that if there is anything that they want to ask or check, then I can help re-check the marks.

After doing that, I checked the status of all ICLCA Chemical Engineering Transaction (CET) papers that my students have submitted. Then I communicated and discussed with relevant students, guide them on how to make improvements based on reviewers comment. I did communicated with Mei Lian, Wan Ting, Farra and also Shams (for MATPR Biodiesel paper).

At night, I had a Mock Presentation session with Azri from Lotte, my PSM Space student. The session was smooth and I gave all important comments to improve Azri’s presentation slide. In Syaa Allah Azri will do fine.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Discussed with Hafiz, PSM Space student about his work. He is working from Offshore.
  • Watched Theory of Everything movie… (this is not my official activities, but I took a break watching a biography movie of Steven Hawking)