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AIP Conference Proceeding for RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 Successfully Published

Alhamdulillah, after a long wait, the proceeding for Regional Conference on Engineering Education 2020 (RCEE2020) and Research in Higher Education 2020 (RHeD2020) has successfully been published 2 days ago (26th October 2022). There are 51 papers in the theme of engineering education and STEM that were published in this Scopus Indexed Conference Proceeding.

Personally for me, I have 3 papers published in this conference proceeding as co-author, as shown below. Alhamdulillah. The links are:

RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 was organized by Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) UTM and Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM) and conducted virtually. InsyaAllah RCEE2022 will be conducted by UNDIP and UNS in Indonesia with UTM CEE as main partner.


2022 Day 35 Task – Reviewed Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery Journal (BCAB)

I didn’t realized that I accepted to review a manuscript from Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery at the end of December 2021. Anyway, I received a reminder about it yesterday and managed to complete the review just before attending my Friday prayer.

Other tasks for the day:

  • Review EIF Proposal
  • Commenced to update my Daily Tasks for the year
  • Attended to my RAE SCEE grant application.

2021 Day 186 Task – Checked Potential ECE Paper Publication

I have listed quite a bunch tasks to be completed today. Once of it includes the checking of Nazrul’s paper that is about Engineering Education Scholarly Experiential sharing. The paper was intended for other journal but after listening to Nazrul’s intention and also going through swiftly the paper content, I suggested the paper to be enhanced and submitted to Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) journal.

ECE is definitely an amazing platform for sharing Engineering Education Scholarly practice sharing and also Engineering Education Research (EER). The recent update last 2 weeks had happily declared that this journal has an impact factor of 2.333. Before this there’s no impact factor recorded and a sudden jump from nothing to 2.333 is such an spectacular success for this highly reputable journal.

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2021 Day 180 Task – Submission of 2 Manuscripts

Today was quite tough. I submitted 2 manuscripts to 2 different journals. The detail preparation for it was quite brain and energy consuming. I submitted to Environmental Pollution journal and also Material Today Proceeding Journal. Not much activity today apart from the above and also trying to update my CV bit by bit.

2021 Day 172 Task – Addressing the Challenges of Design Optimization for the A&D Industry Talk

Many things happened today. Some of it was stressful involving the conference that I lead, but Alhamdulillah I managed to absorb the pressure, stay composed and perhaps solve the problem with the help of many kind hearted people. Amazingly, I managed to find out how to appoint a new Chair for the Easychair conference system, which before this I honestly have no idea at all.

Today I also signed the agreement for the conference proceeding, after going through the details of the documents.

Oh yes.. I also conducted a briefing to Statik lecturer’s on how to write scholarly practice engineering education paper in the morning.

At night, 10pm I attended the Addressing the Challenges of Design Optimization for the A&D Industry Talk conducted by Ansys company.

Oh after I listed all, I realized that as a person who have to divide his mind to multiple work scope and responsibilities, I must stay calm, stay compose and be on solution mode when I come across difficult unfavorable situation.

Other highlighted tasks of the day.

  • Signed Conference Proceeding Agreement
  • Verified PA pre-registration course.
  • Followed up on the IOP agreement.
  • Undergo Week 8 SCEE RAE training (up till activity 8.14)
  • Checked progress of my PSM and Masters student.
  • Study EI paper

2021 Day 82 Tasks – Finally, I submitted the Correction for RENE

This manuscript has been disturbing the peace in my head and mental capacity. After 2 years plus working on this paper, and after last month getting comments from reviewers and editor, I managed to finally submit the correction, of course with the help of all the authors, who each of them played significant role. Now, lets hope and pray that the manuscript will receipt positive feedback. InsyaAllah. Amin.

Other highlighted tasks:

  • Day 2 OBE Assessment
  • Refinery and Petrochemical Tech Class
  • IJET Review done and submitted
  • Reviewed and approved my PA Student EXCEL Program
  • Monitor RCEE2021 progress
  • Participated in Developing Functioning Teams in Class room Using Cooperative Learning

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2021 Day 78 Tasks – Working on Renewable Energy Journal List of Correction

The first half of the day was allocated to deal and complete as much as I can the Renewable Energy Journal corrections. It’s quite tough but this needs to be done. Alhamdulillah I managed to do some parts and Efa, my student also have done amazingly a lot for the corrections.

Day 154b Task – Complete Reviewing 2 Papers and Managing AJEE

There’re lots to do but limited time. Yes, although we work from home, seems like we are not working, but in actual, there are too many works to do. For instance, today, I woke up very early in the morning with the mission to work and slash the following activities from my Today To Do List:

  1. Preparation of Toyota Foundation Research Proposal Grant.
  2. Grading Master Safety assignments, quiz and tests.
  3. Reviewing manuscript from Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry (MJC).
  4. Reviewing manuscript from Education for Chemical Engineers (ECE).
  5. Managing Asean Journal for Chemical Engineers (AJEE) as we are publishing the 4th Volume (Issue 1) this month, online.
  6. Preparation for the Talk I am going to give today.
  7. Checking my post graduate students review paper to be published soon in ECM.

Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —> 

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Mini Update: 4 conferences & 2 Journal Manuscript to be Reviewed

It’s Friday today, our off day. However, due to my hectic daily work, I can only to some of my usual dekstop work today, the off-day. Just completed 1 conference manuscript, few more to be reviewed.

Will post update status soon today.


Journal Review Complete – YES!

For those who are not aware of the endless job scope of a lecturer / academician / researcher / consultant etc, we have one interesting yet challenging task. It is journal review. Since we are an expert in certain specific field of research, there will be time where we will be invited to review manuscripts that are submitted to certain journals. I have been doing this activity of journal review since I was a Ph.D student. But after Ph.D, I received more and more invitation to review journal manuscript. But wait… The number of journal that I review are not as much as our professors have to review. Roughly, I am reviewing around 5 to 10 journals a year (since 2013). I am expecting to receive more and more invitation. However, that’s nothing compared to professors who review more than 100 journal manuscript per year.



Is it tough?


Sometimes, when we are hectic, we hardly have time to read and comprehend the content of the manuscript to be reviewed. However, when we have some piece of extra time to spend reading this manuscript, we can complete the review faster. There were moments where I managed to complete a review in 1 day. There are also moments where I took 3-4 weeks to complete a review. There was 1 review that I remembered not completing it at all.


This is not a paid job. It is just for us to help and contribute to review and help to decide if a manuscript is worth publishing or not. However, it is required and counted in our KPI (Key Performance Index) or KAI (Key Amal Index)… as UTM called it now. The more we reviews we make, the more points get counted for our performance evaluation every each end of the year. Another way of looking at it, is the journal editors recognizes our expertise and credibility, and due to that, they invited us to review the manuscript. So, although it is not a paid task or project, academicians like me still do the review for the reasons above.

180 degree opposite opinion 

I know some colleagues who does not like the idea. Why you are doing this and not getting paid? Why you are letting them manipulating your intellectuality?  Why are you giving them a service for free? “Them” here refers to the publisher of the journals. I am not against my colleague’s idea NOR I am backing up this big journal publisher. At the moment, I am just doing what I am suppose to do as an academician and researcher. I am trying to do the best that I can for the best of the scientific advancement of knowledge. Somehow, I feel that experts like us should be rewarded and not let to do a free service.

What do you think?

I would like to see your opinions and the comment section below 🙂