Quarter Final – UTM Inter Departmental Soccer Tournament


Yesterday, FCEE team played as per schedule versus Chancellery. The game took place at KDOJ football field. It was a warm and dry afternoon, unlike our first game where it was gloomy and wet.


FCEE won the match. 3-1.

As usual, I played the right back position. However, this time I played in the second half because I arrived late. Well, actually based on my age, I planned to play less due to lack of stamina and lack of fitness. I believed I played around 15-20 minutes, but it felt like it was forever….haha…

What does the result means now?

We proceed to the semi final. We will battle Pendaftar, a very strong team and the regular champion of the tournament for the past several years. But we should not be that nervous. We will try to relax and play our game calmly with discipline. Wish us luck ok!


UTM Inter Departmental Soccer Tournament

This is surprisingly my 1st soccer game in a space of 4 years. Previously I played for the faculty, but since I experienced some pain in my knees (in 2012), I have to relaxed and considered stop playing. But, yesterday…haha… it was a comeback. I anticipated to play for 10 minutes, but it ended I played for 45 minutes. Need to work on my stamina.