Quarter Final – UTM Inter Departmental Soccer Tournament


Yesterday, FCEE team played as per schedule versus Chancellery. The game took place at KDOJ football field. It was a warm and dry afternoon, unlike our first game where it was gloomy and wet.


FCEE won the match. 3-1.

As usual, I played the right back position. However, this time I played in the second half because I arrived late. Well, actually based on my age, I planned to play less due to lack of stamina and lack of fitness. I believed I played around 15-20 minutes, but it felt like it was forever….haha…

What does the result means now?

We proceed to the semi final. We will battle Pendaftar, a very strong team and the regular champion of the tournament for the past several years. But we should not be that nervous. We will try to relax and play our game calmly with discipline. Wish us luck ok!


3rd Game – UTM Inter-Deparment Badminton

We just played our 3rd game tonight, which is the first in this knock-out stage. This time we battled Faculty of Science. Surprisingly, I was asked to play single. Hesitated, I obliged with the decision by our team leader / manager (Prof. G). The game started.

If you just read this post, you should read 2 earlier post here and here, to know the complete overview of our game.


(1) 1st double (PM Dr. Asnizam & Ahmad MPRC) – we LOST unfortunately.

(2) Single (ME) – surprisingly I won (YES)! I was lucky I guessed 🙂 God helped me! And it was a straight set. My opponent was exhausted and slightly heavier than me. That’s some advantage for me.

(3) 2nd double (Prof G. & Roslan Jas) – the decider – again, we lost unfortunately.

OVERALL – We LOST and will not proceed to the quarter final tomorrow.

Well, it’s ok. It’s just a nice game. I treated it as an activity for me to exercise (but during the game, it can turned out to be very tense!)

InsyaAllah, we’ll try next year 🙂



2nd Game – UTM Inter-Deparment Badminton

After the first game versus Bendahari, we fought Perpustakaan team. In this game, I partnered Ahmad MPRC again as FCEE first double. We played first. Followed by single (Dr. Nazri) and finally second double (Dr. Lau and Be Cheer).


We won all game 3-0.

All games were won with straight set. Unbelievable. Unstoppable. We emerged as champion for group C.

We will proceed to the next round, but this time it will be tougher. The game will be tonight. Let’s pray and hope for the best. Go FCEE!!!


UTM Inter Departmental Badminton Tournament

Besides being in the faculty’s football team for this year’s Staff Inter-Department Game, I am also in the faculty’s badminton team. This year, we were drawn in the same group as Bendahari and Perpustakaan. Tonight we were arranged to battle Bendahari. Luckily the format has been changed from 3 doubles & 2 singles to 2 doubles & 1 single. This is mainly due to lack of players available. I played alongside Ahmad MPRC (Gastech) as the second double team for tonight.

The result…

FKT (FCEE) won 3-0 against Bendahari 🙂

A sweet victory!

Tomorrow we are going to fight Perpustakaan. Hopefully we will repeat our success. Go FKT!!!

UTM Inter Departmental Soccer Tournament

This is surprisingly my 1st soccer game in a space of 4 years. Previously I played for the faculty, but since I experienced some pain in my knees (in 2012), I have to relaxed and considered stop playing. But, yesterday…haha… it was a comeback. I anticipated to play for 10 minutes, but it ended I played for 45 minutes. Need to work on my stamina.