Day 282 Task – My Student Presented at ICCME2020 Conference, UNDIP, Indonesia

I could not believe this. Last week, I was just involved and directly involved in RCEE2020, as organizer, chairman, participant etc. This week, the International Conference on Chemical and Material Engineering (ICCME2020) appeared and we participated in it. Luckily my student Nor Fatin Farihah Mohd Yusof has done a good job writing a paper which later will be published in a scopus indexed journal. She also prepared and presented her research titled Thermodynamic Analysis of Glycerol-Methane Steam Reforming to Hydrogen in this conference just now.

I am happy and proud that she has done a great job in this research, considering she’s an undergraduate student and given the opportunity to present in an international conference and publishing a manuscript in a journal early in the PSM2 stage. What an amazing achievement! She’s not stopping there because she has prepared a second paper that I am checking and will be published in another conference or journal soon. InsyaAllah.

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Day 241 Task – Check, Edit and Submit Manuscript to ICCME2020, Undip, Indonesia

Alhamdulillah I managed to submit a thermodynamic analysis paper prepared by my hardworking and diligent Undergraduate Research Student, Fatin Farihah. She managed to prepare the manuscript swiftly and she could potentially prepare 3 manuscripts throughout her PSM journey with me.

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Day 216 Task – Continuation of the ICLCA2020 and ICOST2020 Paper Improvement

I haven’t yet fully completed the correction and improvement of the paper that need to be submitted to ICLCA2020 and ICoST2020 as shared before here and here. Because of that, I need to focus on completing at least 2 manuscripts today.  Not only that I have 2 for ICLCA2020 and 1 manuscript for ICoST2020, I also have 1 manuscript each for RCEE2020 and ICCME2020 that need to be corrected and prepared, respectively.

I hope today will be a productive day in terms of completing most of the papers. InsyaAllah

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Day 210 Task – Correction and Improving My Paper for Publication

Despite of quite a handful of tasks to do, today I will be focusing mainly on improving on of the research papers that I will be publishing in ICLCA2020 and ICoST2020. There are due dates to submit the improved manuscript version and I need to handle that as soon as possible.

At the same time, today I received an email from ICCME2020 mentioning they have accepted my new abstract to be presented in their conference soon. ICCEME is a conference organized by Universitas Diponogoro (UNDIP), Indonesia. The Director for this conference is my colleague Prof Ir. Dr. Didi Dwi Anggoro. He invited me to send publications to this conference few months back, and here i am.