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2021 Day 109 Tasks – OBE Assessment Training Under RAE

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2021 Day 97 Tasks – CEE Meeting with Universiti Malang

Today, we had a meeting with an Institute from Universiti Malang that was headed by Pak Dr. I Wayan Dasna. This meeting was initiated by Prof Dr. Hadi Nur from UTM and it was an interesting get to know each other meeting. Both sides brought their team to the meeting and learned about each other and think of some areas of future collaborations.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Following up with various RCEE2021 issues.
  • CEE Meeting no. 4 at 2pm.
  • Small RCEE2021 meeting to discuss TOR 3.15pm
  • Coffee Table book meeting – 9.40am
  • Preparation for CEE and Uni Malang meetings.

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2021 Day 96 Tasks – 2-Days Workshop On Engaging Millennials Through Active Learning

This is the second day of the workshop.

2021 Day 81 Tasks – RAE – OBE – Course Assessment workshop – for Indonesian Academia (Part 2)

Alhamdululillah today CEE UTM conducted the continuity of the OBE Training for Indonesian Lecturers (3 days from 23 to 25 March 2021). Previous trainings for the same group have been conducted before in February Day 4 , Feb Day 3, Feb Day 1. So, even though today is an official holiday in Johor Bahru, we still work and dedicate our time for this great purpose.

Other tasks highlighted for today:

  • Completing the correction and submission of Renewable Energy Journal.
  • Completing the correction and submission for BCREC – ICSEC2021.
  • Communicated with freelance website designer for website.
  • Set up blank RCEE2021 website and passed it to the Marketing department (got help from the freelance designer).
  • Paid ReCase2021 Fee and also submitted the revised version of Extended Abstract.
  • AJEE Management
  • Finalized latest Editorial Board of AJEE.

Day 241 Task – Check, Edit and Submit Manuscript to ICCME2020, Undip, Indonesia

Alhamdulillah I managed to submit a thermodynamic analysis paper prepared by my hardworking and diligent Undergraduate Research Student, Fatin Farihah. She managed to prepare the manuscript swiftly and she could potentially prepare 3 manuscripts throughout her PSM journey with me.

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Abstract for MIMEC2015 @ Bali, Indonesia

Thermodynamic analysis of hydrogen production from ethanol-glycerol mixture through steam and dry reforming

Z.Y. Zakariaa,*, M. Jusoha, A. Joharia, T.A.T.Abdullaha, M.H. Hasima, K.Kidama, W.R.W. Sulaimanb, M.J. Kamaruddina


Thermodynamic properties of ethanol-glycerol steam and dry reforming have been studied with the method of Gibbs free energy minimization for hydrogen production. Equilibrium compositions were determined as a function of H2O/ethanol-glycerol molar ratios (WEG)(1:6-6:1) and CO2/ethanol-glycerol molar ratios (CEG)(1:6-6:1) where ethanol-glycerol is 1:1; reforming temperatures (573-1273 K) at different pressures (1-20 bar). Optimum conditions for hydrogen production are different for both steam and dry glycerol reforming. The optimum hydrogen formation for glycerol dry reforming are temperatures 1073-1273 K and CEG of 6:1 at 1 bar pressure, whereas for glycerol steam reforming, the optimum temperature is above 1073 K and WEG ratio 6:1 and 1 bar. Higher pressure and higher WEG/CEG ratio do not encourage hydrogen formation. Under identified optimum conditions, carbon formation can be thermodynamically inhibited.

Keywords: ethanol-glycerol mixture, dry reforming, steam reforming, hydrogen production