2021 Day 164 Task – Attended to BCREC Draft Correction and Submission

Finally the correction for this paper has been completed after Nazlina successfully submitted her PhD correction. The content of this paper came from her Thesis’s Chapter 4 and 6, which contributed up to 39 pages of the word document. Wow… That’s really a lot. We hope that this manuscript will be beneficial and of great contribution to the advancement of this technology.

The title of the paper is : Development of Microwave-Assisted Sulfonated Glucose Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD)

Update: Just received an email from BECREC Editor on the 15th of June — Alhamdulillah — [BCREC-ICSEC] Final Decision of Your Manuscript [Ms ID: BCREC-2021-10520].

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

2021 Day 154 Task – BCREC Manuscript Review

The weekend arrived again. Honestly, today was not as productive as other weekend in terms of my official task is concern. Nevertheless, it’s fine. Sometimes we need time to relax, rest, rejuvenate and so on. Once I saw the email from BCREC, I immediately accepted the offer to review it. Among the reasons to accept reviewing manuscripts are I can learn what others are doing and I can also contribute to the betterment of the scientific community. InsyaAllah

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Checked my PSM and masters student’s progress.
  • Interview CEO-05 – 8am.
  • Finishing reading the book “Saya da 25 jam sehari”

2021 Day 148 Task – Corrected Materials Today Proceeding Submission

Today’s main mission is to continue completing half of the pending tasks from yesterday. My main productive task yesterday was only attending the Consortium meeting. Other tasks were touched but were not completed. Today, as I wrote this, I am glad that I have successfully completed correcting the Materials Today Proceeding Correction (3 papers), completed preparing and submitting final exam papers/documentation for Refinery and Petrochemical Tech, completed divided the task for RCEE2021 extended abstract submission for ITE-ISP-ICP team and also checked Abdelrahim’s abstract for submission to RCEE2021.

2021 Day 80 Tasks – RCEE2021 Committee Meeting No.2

We are scheduled to have this meeting at 2.30pm and this time it will involve a lot more committees.

Other tasks to highlight for today:

  • Working on Renewable Energy manuscript improvement
  • Working on BCREC journal submission.
  • Working on ReCase2021 submission.

Day 249 Task – Reviewed Another BCREC Journal Manuscript

Today, I squeezed my weekend wonderful time to complete another review assigned to me the day before from Prof Dr. Istadi from BCREC journal. Luckily the paper was interesting and really falls within my expertise. The real bonus was that the paper was not that long, it was short and sweet and I managed to provide a review of my comments and decision swiftly.

I realized that the future will see me reviewing more and more manuscripts. At the same time, I am already an editor for AJEE journal. Hence, I need to develop the skill to read and capture the content of a journal fast. InsyaAllah I will do my best for that.

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Day 39 Task – Reviewing Manuscript for BCREC Journal

I spent some time to review a manuscript assigned to me by editor from Bulletin of Chemical Reaction and Catalysis (BCREC). The review was my 15th review since I started reviewing manuscript under BCREC few years ago. It is a very interesting and amazing experience since I can read other researcher’s idea in research, especially in the same research niche as myself.

One day, perhaps somewhere this year, I intend to submit a paper in this journal myself. InsyaAllah. And one day, I hope I can be an editor for this journal.

Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —> https://people.utm.my/zakiyamani/category/1-activity-1-day/