2021 Day 192 Task – Learned to Set Up eLearning for Final Exam

In order to ensure a more secure final exam, I decided to adjust final exam so that students will do Q1 first, followed by Q2, then Q3 and finally Q4. However, it require me to learn the setting up of elearning. I have to play around and created few assignments in elearning and tried the restriction functions. To make long story short, I managed to set up the final exam in a new way, one by one questions will be released when students take the final exam. I’m grateful to my other half who helped me with the set up of my elearning.

2021 Day 184 Task – Interview CEE ARO and Final Exam MKKK1653

Today is the day for Plant Design Project presentation which takes place from 9am to 1pm. However, I cannot attend the Plant Design Project presentation because at the same time I have the Final Exam for Master Chemical Safety MKKK1653 that takes place from 8.30pm to 1pm. Even though the final exam is made online and mostly managed by AP Dr. Norzita, I still have to be there and make myself available, just in case, because my questions are also asked in the final exam.

Subsequently after that, at 2.30pm we’ll have an interview session for CEE Assistant Research Officer position. The interview will also take place virtually. InsyaAllah we hope that we can find a suitable candidate after not successfully getting one from the previous 3 interview sessions.

Day 194 Task – Finalizing PDP and GSA Marks

I was very focus to complete the marking of the Plant Design Project (PDP) and Graduate Student Attribute (GSA) course marks. One full day was required just to do that. Finally I managed to filled in GSA marks in AIMS, but have not release the marks yet for students to view. In the other hand, I am planning to audit my own PDP marks once again since there are tonnes of marks and assessment for PDP. It’s like that due the fact that it is a Capstone Course with 14 CLO, the most a course in Chemical Engineering could ever have.

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Day 166 Task – Test MKKK1653 Safety and Health in Chemical Plant

Today in the morning, I conducted Test 1 for my Master Safety Class MKKK1653. There are no other option than to handle to test on an online mode. I uploaded the question 10 minutes before the test commences which was at 8.30am and gave the students 2 hours to complete the test. At 10.30am, the students submitted their answer script one by one via eLearning submission link.

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Day 15 Task: Mesyuarat Perbincangan Semakan Kurikulum Sarjana Pengurusan Tenaga

I had a important meeting today at the Deputy Vice Chancellor Office (TNCA) regarding the discussion on Master Energy Program Curriculum Discussion and Checking. The meeting was conducted to improve the curriculum of the course in view of the earlier MQA comment on the program. The photo above is just showing the scenario after the meeting 🙂 .

Besides that, today I have several targets to accomplished today. Among them are to finalize the marks for Introduction to Engineering (ITE) course as well as Seminar and Industrial Profession (ISP) Course. Besides that, there are other tasks that need to be worked on and I must work smart and fast.

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Bengkel Penyediaan dan Penilaian Soalan Peperiksaan Akhir (UG dan PG) Sesi 2018/2019 Semester II

The first official task today is to be at this briefing and workshop – BENGKEL PENYEDIAAN & PENILAIAN SOALAN PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR (UG & PG) SESI 2018/2019 SEMESTER II, which is held at Bilik Mesyuarat Utama, N01a, 9am – 10.30am.

I have 2 roles here which are as a person who prepares one of the final exam paper (MKKK1653) as well as an evaluator for another Master Energy paper.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to submit and improve the final exam paper. But I can’t afford to review the Master Energy paper, mainly because I need to rush to CEE for Meeting at 10.30am.