2022 Day 47 Task – 1st SEEM Meeting of the Year

Last time we had SEEM meeting was somewhere in November 2021, and that meeting was joined with Philippine Association of Engineering Schools (PAES). Today’s meeting (2.30pm-4.30pm) was participated by as usual committees from UTM, USM, UTM, UPM, Xiamen University, freelance and also retired educators.

Various activities concerning engineering education in Malaysia context as well as empowerment of the society membership was discussed. We hope that SEEM can grow and establish itself to be a reputable society that could enhance the progress and development of engineering education in Malaysia.

Other tasks of the day:

  • ITE Meeting – Learning Portfolio and Stage 3 Discussion – 9am
  • Completed marking Reflection #4
  • Commenced marking Meta-Reflection
  • Checked, signed and stamped PSM student’s thesis and logbook
  • Discussed thermodynamic modelling paper with PL.