Bengkel Penyediaan dan Penilaian Soalan Peperiksaan Akhir (UG dan PG) Sesi 2018/2019 Semester II

The first official task today is to be at this briefing and workshop – BENGKEL PENYEDIAAN & PENILAIAN SOALAN PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR (UG & PG) SESI 2018/2019 SEMESTER II, which is held at Bilik Mesyuarat Utama, N01a, 9am – 10.30am.

I have 2 roles here which are as a person who prepares one of the final exam paper (MKKK1653) as well as an evaluator for another Master Energy paper.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to submit and improve the final exam paper. But I can’t afford to review the Master Energy paper, mainly because I need to rush to CEE for Meeting at 10.30am.

My PSM Students for 2014

Since I could not secure any postgraduate students yet for 2014, I have decided to take more PSM students.

In total, I am in charge of 9 PSM students. This looks quite a lot, but I am trying my best to manage them.

7 of them are working on research related to biodiesel whereas another 2 are working on thermodynamic modelling.



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