New Challenge, New Responsibility

I hope to give the best I can for UTM and the Ummah. I seek everyone’s cooperation and assistance in my new role. May Allah ease the work and process.

Effective on the 23rd of April 2023, I was appointed as the new Deputy Director of the Research Management Centre (RMC), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). I will be handling the Management and Monitoring of Projects portfolio.

It was very unfortunate that I can’t lead the Center for Engineering Education (CEE) anymore. However, I am still a CEE research fellow and will do my best as well to support and uplift Engineering Education to its peak.

Thanks to all CEE members and staff for all the support and help given during my tenure as UTM CEE Director for the past 2 years.

Day 321 Task – My Research Management

I have various activities and tasks that I need to managed in all my research grants. There are things like payment for chemicals that my student purchase, adding supplementary documentations for claiming the ICCME2020 conference fee that I participated last month, managing to pay my research student allowances, appointment of my new graduate research assistant (GRA) student, payment of analysis fee carried out at Unit Perkhidmatan Makmal Universiti (UPMU) and few more.

I just need to ensure that I am managing it well. The money for research need to be utilized as best as we can for research purpose.

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