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Day 339 Task – Managing AJEE Journal for 2nd Issue Publication

Today, I am not as aggressive and active as the other days, but I just touched on this one thing, the AJEE journal that I am presently managing. Volume 4 Second Issue is supposed to be published this month, and there are several aspects that needed to be checked and taken action in order for the publication to be on track.

I hope InsyaAllah the 2nd Issue will be able to be published at the end of this month and this will marked the first time that AJEE have 2 Issues in one single year. Before this, since AJEE was published, it only has 1 issue. In the long run, we hope and pray that AJEE will be rank as high quality Scopus journal. InsyaAllah.

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Day 186 Task – Final Check of my ICLCA2020 Manuscript Submission

Today is a wonderful Saturday. I have a list of tasks to do but it is quite difficult to work during a weekend break like today. But, I am trying my best to balance both relax and work.

Anyway, I have 2 manuscripts to be submitted for ICLCA but I haven’t yet completed checking both of it. Today, I will be doing just that. Earlier, I received an email about the publication of a manuscript for a PhD student that I currently co-supervise with Dr. Muhammad Tahir. The student, Sehar Taslim, successfully managed to publish her work in Journal of Alloy and Compounds. Click the link below to see and read the manuscript.

2020 Fabricating structured 2D Ti3AlC2 MAX dispersed TiO2 heterostructure with Ni2P as a cocatalyst for efficient photocatalytic H2 production _ Elsevier Enhanced Reader

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Publication in Chemical Engineering Journal

Alhamdulillah, I managed to publish a new manuscript in a Q1 rated journal. The title of my paper is “Catalyst screening for conversion of glycerol to light olefins”, Chemical Engineering Journal 207–208 (2012) 803–813.

Here is the abstract:

Catalyst screening for conversion of glycerol to light olefins

Screening of modified ZSM-5 catalysts for conversion of glycerol to light olefins has been investigated. In this study HZSM-5, Al/ZSM-5, Ca/ZSM-5, Cr/ZSM-5, Cu/ZSM-5, Li/ZSM-5, Mg/ZSM-5 and Ni/ZSM-5 zeolite catalysts were prepared, tested and screened. The catalysts were characterized to relate their properties with catalyst activity. XRD and FTIR characterization results demonstrated that the structure of the catalysts remained intact while BET revealed the surface and micropore areas decreased after metal loading. TPR data exhibited the reduction phenomenon of the catalysts. NH3-TPD analysis indicated that Cu/ZSM5 catalyst has relatively more moderate and strong active acid sites compared to others. GC TCD/FID analysis detected light olefins and paraffins; methane, CO and CO2 in the gaseous product stream. The acidity of the catalyst affected olefin production, but no direct correlation between surface area and olefin yield was observed. The turnover frequency (TOF) for Cu/ZSM-5 and Cr/ZSM-5 catalysts were significantly high comparatively. Cu/ZSM-5 produced the highest light olefins selectivity and yield due to the synergistic effect of the physico-chemical properties between the parent ZSM-5 and the metals.

To read the paper, just click here to download the PDF.

It is also listed in my Publication > Journals Tab in this site.