Day 135 Task – The Big Engineering Education Research Meet Up

This is the first time I participated in a huge global Engineering Education meeting and more than 110 researchers associated to Engineering Education Research (EER) were here. There were several Keynote Talk that were staggered in 3 sessions on the 14th May 2020.  The first session which was as early as 7am (Malaysia time) was presented by CEE Research Fellow, Dr. Nor Farawahidah Abdul Rahman. Her presentation was very interesting and can be viewed in this youtube link. The second Keynote Talk was from Dr. Kerrie Douglas from Purdue University, USA. The second session was at 6pm (Malaysia time)while the 3rd session was at 11pm (Malaysia time).

Overall, it was such an amazing session where the EER community gathered, exchange ideas and supported each others contribution. Bravo.

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