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Day 154b Task – Complete Reviewing 2 Papers and Managing AJEE | Ir. Ts. Dr. Zaki Yamani Zakaria Official Page

Day 154b Task – Complete Reviewing 2 Papers and Managing AJEE

There’re lots to do but limited time. Yes, although we work from home, seems like we are not working, but in actual, there are too many works to do. For instance, today, I woke up very early in the morning with the mission to work and slash the following activities from my Today To Do List:

  1. Preparation of Toyota Foundation Research Proposal Grant.
  2. Grading Master Safety assignments, quiz and tests.
  3. Reviewing manuscript from Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry (MJC).
  4. Reviewing manuscript from Education for Chemical Engineers (ECE).
  5. Managing Asean Journal for Chemical Engineers (AJEE) as we are publishing the 4th Volume (Issue 1) this month, online.
  6. Preparation for the Talk I am going to give today.
  7. Checking my post graduate students review paper to be published soon in ECM.

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  1. […] paper that I reviewed today was the revised version of the manuscript that I have reviewed earlier. It was a very interesting manuscript about safety course that is being introduce to the bachelor […]