Day 168a Task – Final Plant Design Presentation Evaluation

Today, we had this Final Plant Design Presentation Evaluation. The evaluators were PM Dr. Norasikin Othman, Dr. Hashim Hassan, Dr. Saharuddin Haron and myself. Team 6, 7 and 8 were the teams that we evaluated starting from 2pm to 4pm. They were the same teams that we evaluated for the interim presentation as well. I have recorded the presentation via webex and below is the video for Team 6. I haven’t prepared videos from Team 7 and 8.


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Day 158 Task – Cyan Plant Design Group Meeting

We were quite busy during weekdays, hence the PDP Cyan group meeting was pushed to a Saturday afternoon. The agenda consist of entrepreneurship discussion such as ROI, TCI, Rate of return, DCF, as well as mechanical engineering drawing, process control checking of selected equipment. A brief reminder is that the evaluation of entrepreneurship will be conducted on this coming Monday.

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Day 155 Task – Plant Design Project Coordinator Info Briefing

IMPORTANT PDP (SKKC 4834): Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Skills & Final PDP Presentation DETAILS

Salam and Dear Supervisors,
1) It is already time for the Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Skills and according to the project schedule it will be time for Profitability Analysis calculations.

2) For this part, each Supervisor need to evaluate Entrepreneurship Skills (5%) based on the rubrics provided earlier. This is a Psychomotor assessment, which means that we need to assess the process, not the end product or the solution only.

3) This is an individual assessment, therefore Supervisors need to evaluate each member of your Design Team.

4) In order to evaluate, SV needs to formulate a problem statement which require students to solve and calculate the desired payback period and return of investment (ROI). Then observe the process of how they solve the problem. Provide marks according to the rubrics.

5) We expect SV to conduct the evaluation anytime starting from tomorrow till 10 June 2020.

6)  After the Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Skills have been done, please submit the marks to me via email using the similar excel file that you have used to submit previous marks, by 11 June 2020, 5.00 pm.
1) The Final Presentation session will be conducted on the 15/16 May 2020 (Monday/Tuesday) via Webex or other suitable platform. The panels and students can discuss which is the best  day and time that fit everyone for the session.
2) All Supervisors are required to be the Panellists of this Final Presentation session.
3) The schedule and detailed list of panellists is the same as the previous Interim Presentation.
4) After the Final Plant Design presentation, please submit the marks to me via email using the similar excel file that you have used to submit previous marks , by 17 June 2020, 5.00 pm.
If there are any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.
Plant Design Project Coordinator
Zaki Yamani Zakaria, Azizul Azri Mustaffa, Zarina Ab. Muis

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Day 154b Task – Complete Reviewing 2 Papers and Managing AJEE

There’re lots to do but limited time. Yes, although we work from home, seems like we are not working, but in actual, there are too many works to do. For instance, today, I woke up very early in the morning with the mission to work and slash the following activities from my Today To Do List:

  1. Preparation of Toyota Foundation Research Proposal Grant.
  2. Grading Master Safety assignments, quiz and tests.
  3. Reviewing manuscript from Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry (MJC).
  4. Reviewing manuscript from Education for Chemical Engineers (ECE).
  5. Managing Asean Journal for Chemical Engineers (AJEE) as we are publishing the 4th Volume (Issue 1) this month, online.
  6. Preparation for the Talk I am going to give today.
  7. Checking my post graduate students review paper to be published soon in ECM.

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Day 51 Task – My Plant Design Project Group Meeting

Today I basically allocated after lunch for meeting several students. I have arrange 2 meetings with 2 different PSM students as well as a scheduled meeting with my Plant Design Project group. The meeting is scheduled to be at 2-3 pm every Thursday. The students reported and consulted me with various issues and unanswered questions. Some I can help while some i couldn’t. Anyway, the students will return to me and inform me after they got their clarification.

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Day 47 Task – Meeting Plant Design Project Representatives

It’s a busy Sunday for me. I have Master’s Class in the morning (8-11am). At the same time I also have a Publication Review Workshop at CEE starting at 9am. I also have a class Graduate Success Attribute that is from 2-4pm. I also have this meeting with Plant Design Project Representative to decide on the capacity for each pool.

I was in charged of Pool 2 and 3 and we finally decided the capacity which were:

Pool 2 – 20,000 MTA …..

Pool 3 – 300,000 MTA Adiponitrile

Plant Design Project SKKC4834 for Supervisors

I conducted a briefing together with Dr. Azizul and Dr. Zarina for all supervisors at 2.15pm. We briefed on how the PDP will be conducted this coming semester. The event went well. Alhamdulillah



Final Presentation Briefing for Plant Design Project

Today I briefly presented to the Final Year Students taking Plant Design Project the Final Presentation Briefing. Vital information about the format of final report format, final presentation format, arrangement of chapters for reports and others were presented. The session took place from 2pm to 3pm at DK5 N11a. After my presentation, Prof Rozainee delivers his talk titled Professional Project Presentation. His presentation was awesome and energetic!


Meeting with Plant Design Students

After lunch and solat, I had a 45 minute meeting with a Plant Design Project group. It is not my group, but other group. They need some opinion, ideas and comments. Though when dealing with Plant Design Project, I can wear a hat as supervisor and/or as coordinator, but this time, I am just wearing a hat as a lecturer who help out this team. I hope this team got some precious input from the discussion just now. Before leaving, the claimed that they were glad to have a meeting with me, although not long. Alhamdulillah.

My Chemical Engineering Plant Design group (2016, 2017, 2018)

The timeline… of my Chemical Engineering Plant Design group… The one I have here are from 2018, 2017 and 2016.

Hmmm… need to dig out to search for the other Plant Design group that I supervised 🙂

Plant Design Group from 2018. From left: Azini, Fitri, Me, Haziq and Joey.

Plant Design Group from 2017. From left: Faizul, Yap, Me, Jasmine and Asma.

Plant Design Group from 2016. From left: Fatihah, Shaffizat, Me, Don, Arivind and Azie.