3rd Game – UTM Inter-Deparment Badminton

We just played our 3rd game tonight, which is the first in this knock-out stage. This time we battled Faculty of Science. Surprisingly, I was asked to play single. Hesitated, I obliged with the decision by our team leader / manager (Prof. G). The game started.

If you just read this post, you should read 2 earlier post here and here, to know the complete overview of our game.


(1) 1st double (PM Dr. Asnizam & Ahmad MPRC) – we LOST unfortunately.

(2) Single (ME) – surprisingly I won (YES)! I was lucky I guessed πŸ™‚ God helped me! And it was a straight set. My opponent was exhausted and slightly heavier than me. That’s some advantage for me.

(3) 2nd double (Prof G. & Roslan Jas) – the decider – again, we lost unfortunately.

OVERALL – We LOST and will not proceed to the quarter final tomorrow.

Well, it’s ok. It’s just a nice game. I treated it as an activity for me to exercise (but during the game, it can turned out to be very tense!)

InsyaAllah, we’ll try next year πŸ™‚