Info Stats on FCEE New Administration Building – N01a

It has been roughly one month that the new Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering (FCEE) Administration building have been occupied. This two storey building is regarded as the new landmark for FCEE and its success. It is also a special building because come with a set of solar panels and also rain water harvesting (RWH) facilities.

Interesting Facts about N01a Building:

  • 1 set of Solar Power Facility
  • 1 set of Rainwater Harvesting Facility
  • 1 Huge Meeting Room –  Bilik Mesyuarat Utama (BMU) – 55 people capacity
  • 1 Moderate Size Meeting Room – Bilik Mesyuarat PSM – 20 people capacity
  • 21 Lecturer’s Office
  • 8 Administrator’s Office



Chemical Engineering Education – Team Peer Teaching in action

1st year 1st semester chemical engineering students (2016) for Faculty of Chemical & Energy Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Applying Corporative Problem Based Learning (CPBL). This is what we had in our class on Tuesday (4th October 2016). From our observation, initially the students seems to be not sure and uncomfortable to do the team peer teaching. However, after few moments and some guidance by us (me and Dr. Siti Hajjar), they seems to get the momentum, enjoyed and could not stop.

This is indeed an interesting method for teaching and learning. If you have not implementing this teaching method, try it out.

3rd Game – UTM Inter-Deparment Badminton

We just played our 3rd game tonight, which is the first in this knock-out stage. This time we battled Faculty of Science. Surprisingly, I was asked to play single. Hesitated, I obliged with the decision by our team leader / manager (Prof. G). The game started.

If you just read this post, you should read 2 earlier post here and here, to know the complete overview of our game.


(1) 1st double (PM Dr. Asnizam & Ahmad MPRC) – we LOST unfortunately.

(2) Single (ME) – surprisingly I won (YES)! I was lucky I guessed 🙂 God helped me! And it was a straight set. My opponent was exhausted and slightly heavier than me. That’s some advantage for me.

(3) 2nd double (Prof G. & Roslan Jas) – the decider – again, we lost unfortunately.

OVERALL – We LOST and will not proceed to the quarter final tomorrow.

Well, it’s ok. It’s just a nice game. I treated it as an activity for me to exercise (but during the game, it can turned out to be very tense!)

InsyaAllah, we’ll try next year 🙂