2021 Day 99 Tasks – ICLCA2021 Abstract Submission

I have actually planned to submit this since 3-4 days ago but did not managed to catch the time to do so… Alhamdulillah I managed to submit it today. I submitted my PSM student research topic “Thermodynamic Analysis of Hydroxypropanone as Bio-Oil Model Compound to Light Hydrocarbons”. InsyaAllah soon there will be more of my PSM students submitting for this conference.

Other highlighted tasks for today:

  • Still follow up on my PSM and Master student research
  • Preparation for Master Safety Class tomorrow
  • Preparation for Petroleum and Refinery Tech class this coming Wednesday.
  • Managing AJEE Journal
  • Manuscript Correction

Day 235 Task – Updating ICLCA2020 Website

Today was the end of my brief trip with my family and parents. We arrived home nearly at 7 pm. By that time, I received a message to help update the ICLCA2020 website with some information regarding program book. Since I am the person in-charged of the website, I did handle it and publish that new piece of content effortless. I just imagine, if I don’t know how to update this, it will take hours figuring out. That’s separates people who knows and people who don’t. In this case, I know a bit about the new WP Divi Theme, although i struggled a lot last year, I managed to get better at this WP theme. There are still a lot to learn for this. There are still a lot to learn on other areas of discipline.

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Day 7 Task: Linking Roundcube Web-Based Email to Gmail

Today, I explored a way to control roundcube web-based email to gmail. This is for the new iclcaconf.com website. Being able to control the email having the iclcaconf.com will be easier for us the secretariat to communicate and disseminate information to others. I am doing this task since I am in charge of website and social media for the iclcaconf.com.

Besides that, I also had a special meeting at Institute of Biotechnology Development (IBD), UTM. It was a one hour meeting which is quite a big one for me. The meeting was between Prof Hesham, me, Dr. Ika and Maizatul (RO). Let’s hope this project materialize. If it does, it will be one of a great and significant contribution from me and I am glad to be involved in this project.

I also started marking the Meta Reflection Journal which is quite a huge tasks. Imagine reading 41 students reflection. Each of them write 4 pages.

Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —> https://people.utm.my/zakiyamani/category/1-activity-1-day/