AIP Conference Proceeding for RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 Successfully Published

Alhamdulillah, after a long wait, the proceeding for Regional Conference on Engineering Education 2020 (RCEE2020) and Research in Higher Education 2020 (RHeD2020) has successfully been published 2 days ago (26th October 2022). There are 51 papers in the theme of engineering education and STEM that were published in this Scopus Indexed Conference Proceeding.

Personally for me, I have 3 papers published in this conference proceeding as co-author, as shown below. Alhamdulillah. The links are:

RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 was organized by Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) UTM and Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM) and conducted virtually. InsyaAllah RCEE2022 will be conducted by UNDIP and UNS in Indonesia with UTM CEE as main partner.


2021 Day 190 Task – Checked Education for Chemical Engineer Paper Draft

If yesterday I was checking paper draft for Energy Conversion and Management Journal, today I checked paper draft for Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) prepared by Nazrul and the gang. This is still the same paper as the one I mentioned the other day. It’s actually the 2nd draft after improvement has been done following my suggestions and comments. I managed to check whole of the paper but there are few things that I need to do with the paper – that are to improve Table 6 and 7 and also add a new paragraph for discussion and analysis.

In Syaa Allah the paper will be fine tomorrow.. Hope so.

2021 Day 133 Task – Few Research Monitoring Work

It’s the second day of Hari Raya but I am doing some research work such as applying for conference research activity, going through PSM research work and some manuscripts. But it was not that serious or heavy.

2021 Day 127 Task – Began PDF Proofing for Our Renewable Energy Journal Manuscript

Alhamdulillah, I am glad that Zarifah’s massive effort writing this review paper was finally showing some nice rewards. Today, Renewable Energy journal system got in touched with me to ask me to verify few things about our manuscript and also to go through the entire article to check in case there are any problems. There were several issues, mainly on the unit for certain parameters that require very careful check. I realized that I have started this, but I cannot complete this task today. The manuscript was a 70 plus pages word document and after it is converted into Renewable Energy format, it became 22 pages. Nevertheless there are still a lot, seriously plenty to go through for the checking.

2021 Day 99 Tasks – ICLCA2021 Abstract Submission

I have actually planned to submit this since 3-4 days ago but did not managed to catch the time to do so… Alhamdulillah I managed to submit it today. I submitted my PSM student research topic “Thermodynamic Analysis of Hydroxypropanone as Bio-Oil Model Compound to Light Hydrocarbons”. InsyaAllah soon there will be more of my PSM students submitting for this conference.

Other highlighted tasks for today:

  • Still follow up on my PSM and Master student research
  • Preparation for Master Safety Class tomorrow
  • Preparation for Petroleum and Refinery Tech class this coming Wednesday.
  • Managing AJEE Journal
  • Manuscript Correction

Day 211 Task – Working on ICOST2020 Paper Correction

Working on ICOST2020 Paper Correction


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Day 63 Task – Reviewing Extended Abstract Submitted to RCEE

Today, in the early hours, I reviewed 5 extended abstracts submitted for RCEE2020. Alhamdulillah I managed to review all of the abstracts and provided critical comments for improvements. I am hoping to soon read the improved version of the extended abstract from the authors. InsyaAllah!

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Day 31 Task – Rigourous Research Engineering Education (Part 3)

Today is not a working day but I still have to come for this workshop, which is Part 3 out of a total of 4 workshops for engineering education research. Today we learned about the theories and methods to perform qualitative analysis. It is more complicated to compared to the quantitative analysis which was covered yesterday.

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Done Submitting Abstract to ICoST2020

Roughly at 11.40pm this night, I managed to submit an abstract to ICoST2020 conference via EasyChair system. This work which was done by JL Lim, my PSM student who diligently work on the thermodynamic modelling. Hopefully this abstract will be accepted for presentation and subsequently accepted for publication in any of the scopus journal under the agreement with this conference.

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