Day 194 Task – Finalizing PDP and GSA Marks

I was very focus to complete the marking of the Plant Design Project (PDP) and Graduate Student Attribute (GSA) course marks. One full day was required just to do that. Finally I managed to filled in GSA marks in AIMS, but have not release the marks yet for students to view. In the other hand, I am planning to audit my own PDP marks once again since there are tonnes of marks and assessment for PDP. It’s like that due the fact that it is a Capstone Course with 14 CLO, the most a course in Chemical Engineering could ever have.

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Day 23 Task: Presenting Our Academic Advisor Student Marks and Analysis

Today our department staff have to present all the marks of the student under our observation (Academic Advisor duties) to the Head of Program. Early in the morning I arrived at our Director’s office to present and discuss my student’s performances with her. Alhamdulillah. Everything is good and fine!

Other task for the day:

  • Preparation of TRGS grant
  • Preparation of CAR documents.
  • Studying how to do Patent Filing Search which is not a requirement for TRGS and few other research grants.

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Day 4 Task: Finalizing Refinery and Petrochemical Technology Course Marks and Entering it to AIMS

Finally, I managed to grade and finalize all the marks for my SKKC4723 – Refinery and Petrochemical Technology Course. Now I can move on to my 2 other course. There are still a mountain of tasks to do. That’s why, I still have to utilize my precious weekend for this.


Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —>