Day 129 Task – Cyan Meeting – My Plant Design Project Team Meeting

We have to get used to the new norm. This is the new situation since Covid19 hit us terribly. All meetings must be performed online, virtually including this small Plant Design Project meeting with my students. After about 2 or 3 weeks not having a meeting, we get back together to discuss on various stuffs, which include sizing, costing, waste, recovery etc. The meeting was good and I believed the students benefited. However, there are still few information that need to be searched for and confirmed. That’s fine though. The most important thing is my students are working smart, hard and happy. All the best guys!

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Day 85 Task – Checking my Master Student Thesis & Planning for Plant Design Project Interim Presentation

Today it’s the 6th day of working from home deal and the 8th day of us all staying quarantine at home. No matter what we need to stay focus, plan and organize our task, job etc from home. I have arranged my time just like the normal working days accept I am doing work from home. This means I will work in the morning till late afternoon. After that we will do some exercise activity before at night, after dinner/Isya prayer, I will work on my other non-official projects.

Anyway, to update today’s task. The main task was checking my Master Student’s Chapter 4 which I just received yesterday. Alhamdulillah I completed the task around 6pm. In between that, I also discussed with the PDP coordinator team about how to manage the Interim Plant Design Project presentation that should be taking place on the 7th of April 2020. This must be carefully planned so that the execution will be smooth, consider all kinds of situation of students and panels. I have drafted the schedule and also instruction yesterday and today was mainly further improving and discussing the management of the Interim Presentation.

It’s now 10.10 pm and I just finally updated a revised schedule of the Interim Presentation which is to be discussed again with our PDP coordinator. So, let’s just see how it goes.


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Day 83 Task – Plant Design Project Meeting Via Zoom

Earlier today, I had a discussion with Dr. Azizul on how to conduct the Interim presentation for Plant Design Project (PDP) since we cannot have physical meeting in the university due to Covid-19. He suggested to use Zoom application, which subsequently after that, I tested Zoom straight away with him. It was my first time and i found using it quite user friendly and easy.

Since I have attempted using Zoom, I straight away invited my PDP students to have our first Zoom meeting session, since we have not done a meeting yet this week. Last week we had a meeting on a Tuesday, during the EAC Audit Meeting.

In short the one hour session that started at 3pm to 4pm was successfully executed. All Wei Chi, Yogenathan, Sabrina and Intan were visibly there and we were interacting and discussing. The design and simulation was smoothly shared for everybody to view.

It seems like we are going to have multiple Zoom sessions in future not only for PDP meeting but for other official meetings as well. Bravo.


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Day 51 Task – My Plant Design Project Group Meeting

Today I basically allocated after lunch for meeting several students. I have arrange 2 meetings with 2 different PSM students as well as a scheduled meeting with my Plant Design Project group. The meeting is scheduled to be at 2-3 pm every Thursday. The students reported and consulted me with various issues and unanswered questions. Some I can help while some i couldn’t. Anyway, the students will return to me and inform me after they got their clarification.

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Day 47 Task – Meeting Plant Design Project Representatives

It’s a busy Sunday for me. I have Master’s Class in the morning (8-11am). At the same time I also have a Publication Review Workshop at CEE starting at 9am. I also have a class Graduate Success Attribute that is from 2-4pm. I also have this meeting with Plant Design Project Representative to decide on the capacity for each pool.

I was in charged of Pool 2 and 3 and we finally decided the capacity which were:

Pool 2 – 20,000 MTA …..

Pool 3 – 300,000 MTA Adiponitrile

Day 40 Task – Plant Design Project Briefing

Today, we, the coordinator of Plant Design Project course conducted a briefing for the final year students on the PDP course. It is essential that the students are briefed so they know what they are going to face and how to deal with it as well as to mentally prepare for it.

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Plant Design Project SKKC4834 for Supervisors

I conducted a briefing together with Dr. Azizul and Dr. Zarina for all supervisors at 2.15pm. We briefed on how the PDP will be conducted this coming semester. The event went well. Alhamdulillah



Day 16 Task – Examining Plant Design Project for SPACE Student

Memories with the SPACE students after their presentation.

One of the SPACE students presenting his team’s work.

Another SPACE student presenting her part of the project.

Today my solid task is to be one of the panel of examiners for the SPACE students who presented their final plant design project.

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Day 5: Chairman/Panel for Undergraduate Research Presentation + Plant Design Project Coordination Meeting

Today is a very full pact day. First hald of the day was the final presentation for Undergraduate Research Project. Two of my students presented in this event. At the same time, I am one of the panels and also the chairperson for my session. This event took place from 9am to 12.30pm, followed by the announcement ceremony for the best presenters from each session. Surprisingly one of my students, Nasyitah won the best presenter in the Modelling and simulation session. Congrats!!!

Second of the day was the Plant Design Project Coordination meeting. We have to plan for the coming semester. There will be about 150 students going to pursue this course and there are a mountain of tasks in terms of planning and coordination work to be done. This was from 2.30pm to 5.10pm at Bilik Mesyuarat Dekan.


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Final Presentation Briefing for Plant Design Project

Today I briefly presented to the Final Year Students taking Plant Design Project the Final Presentation Briefing. Vital information about the format of final report format, final presentation format, arrangement of chapters for reports and others were presented. The session took place from 2pm to 3pm at DK5 N11a. After my presentation, Prof Rozainee delivers his talk titled Professional Project Presentation. His presentation was awesome and energetic!