2022 Day 49 Task – Delivering Goods to Asnaf

This community service task has been pending for perhaps 1 month or more. Finally today, we managed to deliver the goods that consist of rice (5 kg), cooking oil (5 kg) and a box of dry cooking material to 14 out of 20 asnafs. Thanks a lot to Hj Samiin and also En. Wagiman for assisting. All of the goods were loaded into my 19 years old White Toyota Alphard. Alhamdulillah the white giant managed to perform the job.

This is my duty as a Muslim, as a human being, to help others. This is also part of my duty as an academia, where it is considered as serving the public / community service.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Grading ITE students video
  • Grading ITE students Meta-Reflection journal
  • Insert marks for ITE and ISP students
  • Duty at Surau Jumaat
  • Evaluated and submitted PSM (FYP) marks
  • Evaluated and submitted Plant Design Project Interim marks
  • Emailed slide presentation PSM to 2 of my students

2022 Day 48 Task – Grading Reflection Journal & Meta-Reflection of My ITE Students

I spent majority of today to do most of the grading of my ITE student’s Reflection Journal and also Meta-Reflection Journal assignment. Since the reflections were submitted online in e-learning, I did all the readings, evaluation and commenting online as well.

I love reading student’s reflection. Besides knowing what and how they feel, I can also learn something new from the students as well. I have been reading reflection journal for quite a number of years already, perhaps since 2014, if I am not mistaken. That means I have been reading reflections for 7 years already. Phewww….

Other tasks of the day:

  • EE Research discussion with CEE RO
  • Discuss on rack purchase and also miscellaneous research matter with my Master student
  • Discuss on Thermodynamic paper project
  • Complete marking MKKL student marks

2021 Day 115 Tasks – Final Preparation for Reflective Learning Talk Tomorrow

Luckily my day today was not as packed as usual. I had a meeting with my plant design project team today in the morning and subsequently after that I was focused on preparation of the contents and slide for tomorrow’s talk. We have some experiences in conducting reflective learning via the reflection journal and meta reflection journal in our class all these while. Last year we had Taskade as an online tool for reflective purpose as well as for planning etc. Let’s check out my sharing tomorrow yea.

Day 320 Task – Reading and Grading ITE-ISP Student’s Reflection Journal

We have 35 students in our ITE and ISP class. All of them are required to write 2 page Reflection Journal after 3 weeks of study. This is the first Reflection Journal that they write. There will be another 3 more till the end of the course.

Reading the students reflection journal is important and it is not as easy as reading a novel. We have to identify what they have learned and give marks accordingly, followed by providing constructive comments. The elements that we grade include the content, analysis, reflective thinking, evaluation and feedback. I always try to recall all of this point by its abbreviation = CAREF. These are derived from the Gibbs Reflective Cycle, which help people to learn from experiences.

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Day 10 Task: Finishing Reading Meta Reflection of My Students

Today is a Friday, a long waited public holiday in Johor Bahru. But, early in the morning, I woke up to read nearly half of the remaining Meta Reflection from my 1st year chemical engineering students. It’s a lot to read but at the same time quite interesting to read how the student narrate the content, assessment, reflective thinking, evaluation and feedback. Finally, I managed to complete marking all and inserting the marks. Fuhh…


Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —> https://people.utm.my/zakiyamani/category/1-activity-1-day/