2022 Day 79 Task – MKKL1133 Process Operation, Control and Troubleshooting First Class

Today I met my MKKL1133 students for the 1st time in the new course. The fact that I have taught 2 of them in the previous semester. It’s going to be a new experience personally for me as I’m teaching a new course to a very well experienced students who are in top position (corporate ladder) in their company. I have been preparing for this course over the weekend. Alhamdulillah the class went smooth and we had an amazing session.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Handled and managed my Penasihat Akademik students – many had issues with UHAKS.
  • Checked Abdelrahim’s proposal
  • TORCH meeting – 2.30pm
  • Searched for Personal Information form for Cohort 2019, but …

2022 Day 78 Task – Preparation for MKKL Process Operation, Control and Troubleshooting Course

It’s a bright warm Saturday today. The new fresh semester will commence tomorrow. Today, I’m focusing on the class preparation for a new course that I will be teaching titled Process Operation, Control and Troubleshooting, MKKL1133. I’m so excited to be teaching this course as I can relate to my previous experience working in a processing plant as a process engineer more than 15 years ago. It will be a combination of theoretical and practical perspective of the subject matter. My class will take place every Sunday from 9am to 12pm. Wish me luck!

Other tasks of the day:

  • Checked and commented on my EER PhD student proposal.
  • CEE project planning – SPC22 and others.
  • AJEE tasks
  • Entrepreneurship Challenge to my Kids kick started.
  • JCLPRO abstract checking.
  • Register Abstract for ICLCA2022
  • Purchase HSC Chemistry

2022 Day 77 Task – Checked My Engineering Education PhD Student’s Proposal

Hari Jumaat Penghulu Hari. I must admit that today is not as productive and as aggressive as my other days of the week. I relaxed and watch the bulb tube more in comparison to other days. I am pretty much stuck with the new sitcom that my son has introduced to me – The Big Bang Theory. It’s a very interesting sitcom that me and my wife can relate very much as the main characters in the sitcom are scientists and researchers, just like us. Well, half of my tasks as an academician is to do research.

Nevertheless, I did perform some official tasks today. I focused on my Engineering Education Research (EER) PhD student’s proposal today, commented and corrected some of his work. It’s a very interesting and amazing work so far, as I can see. His intention, vision is remarkable as he wanted to contribute to the betterment of Engineering Education in his country, Sudan. Sudan seriously need rigorous help and support it can have. We’ll do our best, our part, as much as we can. In Syaa Allah.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Checked Mei Lian’s video for the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition.
  • Communicated with Ir Tajul and the Head of IEM Student Society in UTM for the allocation of 3 students members seats for IEM program.
  • Communication of SEEM program. Cancellation of the Active Learning and Flipped learning program.
  • Compiled material for MKKL1133 lecture.

2022 Day 76 Task – Small CEE Group Meeting

Leading an organization, such as Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) could be tricky, challenging and overwhelming since a big chunk of our team is very busy academician (consisting of research fellow and associate fellow). All of them have their own special strength where they can contribute and I really appreciate them. Because of that, for CEE activities, I won’t be troubling them yet for certain activities that can be executed by our full time energetic and enthusiastic CEE staffs.

In the morning (10.30am) we had a small yet impactful discussion on what we should plan to do, plan to execute in this year. It covers the issue of SPC22, Webinars, Youtube, Discord, RCEE2021 and others. We will try to be as strategic and as systematic possible in terms of our program marketing.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Online meeting with Izyan and Hasmaliyana regarding Statik Paper for AJEE – 2.30pm
  • Signed and stamped Kelly’s certificate.
  • Signed and stamped TedXUTM society support letter.
  • Obtained and gave Hidayah all experimental consumption invoices for payment.
  • Small discussion with Prof K about RCEE2022 program to be organized by our Indonesian counterpart.

2022 Day 73 Task – UTM 50th Anniversary Ceremony

It’s a hectic day today. Early in the morning I had to attend the 50th Anniversary of UTM that was officiated by the Queen of Johor who is the Vice Chancellor of UTM.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Chemical Engineering Department meeting – 2pm, SKT
  • Final check of Thermo draf paper
  • Final check of Tan’s review paper
  • Claim authorship of ECM
  • Demo software vLab dr clouddesk – 2.30pm, Webex

2022 Day 72 Task – Site Meeting JHB, Contractor and CEE

The progress of CEE new building are presented on a monthly basis via this Site Meeting (Mesyuarat Tapak). The progress made by the contractor seems fine, based on their presentation and also questions directed to them by JHB officials. The meeting today commenced at 10am and CEE was represented by me, Izzati and Syafiq. We just hope everything will be smooth and fine. Well, what needs to be done, needs to be done.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Checked Turnitin of IOP paper
  • Provided leger of ICSEC2021 for CEE audit
  • Checked Tan’s review paper draft
  • Checked Poh Lin’s thermo paper draft
  • Purchase Zara’s book
  • Read MCED documents for annotation
  • AJEE Update and follow up reviewers
  • Prepare and improvise MKKL course information for the subject I will teach next semester (next week)

2022 Day 71 Task – Voting Day for Johor

My mother, father and me… yours truly

This is indeed our official responsibility that must be executed by citizen’s of Johor due to the State Election. Early in the morning, I drove to Taman Gembira, Tampoi, where I’m registered to cast my vote there. Unlike the past General Election, this time, I casted my vote only with my parents, the three of us. Other family members, particularly my siblings could not attend due to various reasons that include geographical location, being out of the country and positive covid.

Other tasks of the day:

Mainly reviewing and commenting on Tan’s review paper and also Poh Lin’s thermo paper.

2022 Day 70 Task – Checking Draft Paper

I know this topic has been consistently repeating over and over again in this weblog. This is mainly of the due date that we have to commit and because of that my focus as well as priority are on this matter. Since the targeted journal is of high quality, hence we are trying our best to get our papers up to the required standard and this is not easy task to do.

2022 Day 69 Task – Gas Cylinder Arrived at Lab

Positive Cases at home update – 3 victims. Gas cylinder story to be updated soon.

Other tasks of the day:

  • MCED Meeting for interview improvement – 9.30am
  • Informed Ridzuan JHB to proceed for new Wiring power point after getting approval.
  • Discussed solution with Marina to pay oven (Kewpa issue)
  • Passed to Hidayah a file for organizing my grant documents.
  • Updated website
  • Finalized about zeolite ZSM-5 catalyst decision
  • Confirmed commitment to contribute as committee for UK Japanese Engineering Education League (UKJEEL) online Workshop.
  • Invited Haseeb and Zamrin as FGD participant under MCED and Halatuju Kejuruteraan di Malaysia
  • Checked & commented Thermo paper
  • Checked & commented Starch Review paper

2022 Day 68 Task – Course Assessment Report (CAR) Preparation for All My Courses 

Since there was a briefing to prepare CAR this morning, I took the opportunity to prepare all of my CAR using UTM OBE system. I can say that the timing of the briefing was spot on as it around the time that all of us have to prepare for this document.

Alhamdulillah I managed to complete all CAR for my Introduction to Engineering (SETK1523), Industrial Seminar and Profession (SETK1511) and Master Plant Management – Quality Management (MKKL1523). Yeah.. it took quite some time to prepare this report as we depend on a system that in my opinion can be improved / enhanced.

Update of the positive cases at home – 3 victims (Mummy, No. 2 and No. 3)

Other tasks of the day:

  • CEE Audit Preparation Meeting – 11.30am
  • Checked draft thermo paper