Day 147 Task – Reviewing Jurnal Teknologi Manuscript

It’s the 3rd day of Hari Raya. I managed to juggle some tasks today, not many but yes, a few of them. Today I forced myself to review a manuscript assigned to me. It’s something to do with reaction and catalysis engineering.

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Progressive Freeze Concentation of Coconut Water

A new publication of ours was just published. Here is the detail of the publication:

Mazura Jusoh*, Noor Naimah Mohamed Nor, Zaki Yamani ZakariaProgressive Freeze Concentation of Coconut WaterJurnal Teknologi, 2014 Vol. 67, No.2

Click here to read the paper from Jurnal Teknologi.


 Thermodynamic Analysis of Glycerol Steam Reforming to Ethylene

I finally managed to published a new journal about my thermodynamic study from my PhD in Jurnal Teknologi. Here is the detail of my publication which you can view the journal and download the paper:

Zaki Yamani Zakaria, Juha Linekoski, Nor Aishah Saidina Amin, Thermodynamic Analysis of Glycerol Steam Reforming to EthyleneJurnal Teknologi, 2014, Vol 67, No 3 (PDF).

More of my published journals are published here.