AIP Conference Proceeding for RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 Successfully Published

Alhamdulillah, after a long wait, the proceeding for Regional Conference on Engineering Education 2020 (RCEE2020) and Research in Higher Education 2020 (RHeD2020) has successfully been published 2 days ago (26th October 2022). There are 51 papers in the theme of engineering education and STEM that were published in this Scopus Indexed Conference Proceeding.

Personally for me, I have 3 papers published in this conference proceeding as co-author, as shown below. Alhamdulillah. The links are:

RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 was organized by Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) UTM and Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM) and conducted virtually. InsyaAllah RCEE2022 will be conducted by UNDIP and UNS in Indonesia with UTM CEE as main partner.


2021 Day 190 Task – Checked Education for Chemical Engineer Paper Draft

If yesterday I was checking paper draft for Energy Conversion and Management Journal, today I checked paper draft for Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) prepared by Nazrul and the gang. This is still the same paper as the one I mentioned the other day. It’s actually the 2nd draft after improvement has been done following my suggestions and comments. I managed to check whole of the paper but there are few things that I need to do with the paper – that are to improve Table 6 and 7 and also add a new paragraph for discussion and analysis.

In Syaa Allah the paper will be fine tomorrow.. Hope so.

2021 Day 144 Task – Checked Scopus Proceeding Agreement Draft

After few days, I finally managed to complete my thorough checking on the Scopus Proceeding Agreement draft that is associated with our RCEE2021 conference soon.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Checked Plant Design Project (PDP) Interim Report and submit marks.
  • Attended – Kursus Kepimpinan Akademik ALP105 : Advanced Presentation Skill.
  • Discussion with my PA student’s parents on his/her academic performance.
  • Discussed and drafted new extended abstract for RCEE2021.
  • Reviewed and submit editorial comments to author submitting paper to AJEE.
  • Viewed OJS System Video to understand how to operate AJEE in new system.

Recommended resources at this EMCO era – Soul Manifestation – for soul remedy.

Progressive Freeze Concentation of Coconut Water

A new publication of ours was just published. Here is the detail of the publication:

Mazura Jusoh*, Noor Naimah Mohamed Nor, Zaki Yamani ZakariaProgressive Freeze Concentation of Coconut WaterJurnal Teknologi, 2014 Vol. 67, No.2

Click here to read the paper from Jurnal Teknologi.


Publication in Advances in Chemical Engineering and Sciences

Alhamdulillah, we managed to publish in another great journal. Here is the detail:

Mazura Jusoh, Anwar Johari, Norzita Ngadi, Zaki Yamani ZakariaProcess Optimization of Effective Partition Constant in Progressive Freeze Concentration of WastewaterAdvances in Chemical Engineering and Science, 2013, 3, 286-293 (PDF).

Process Optimization of Effective Partition Constant in Progressive Freeze Concentration of Wastewater
Mazura Jusoh, , Anwar Johari, Norzita Ngadi, Zaki Yamani Zakaria


Response surface methodology (RSM) was employed to optimize the process parameters for effective partition constant (K) in progressive freeze concentration (PFC) of wastewater. The effects of coolant temperature, circulation flowrate, initial solution concentration and circulation time on the effective partition constant were observed. Results show that the data were adequately fitted into a second-order polynomial model. The linear and quadratic of independent variables, coolant temperature, circulation flowrate, initial solution concentration and circulation time as well as their interactions have significant effects on the effective partition constant. It was predicted that the optimum process parameters within the experimental ranges for the best K would be with coolant temperature of −8.8˚C, circulation flowrate of 1051.1 ml/min, initial solution concentration of 6.59 mg/ml and circulation time of 13.9 minutes. Under these conditions, the effective partition constant is predicted to be 0.17.

Keywords: Effective Partition Constant; Wastewater Treatment; Progressive Freeze Concentration

More of my published journals are published here.