2022 Day 55 Task – Video Shooting for INATEX 2022, Progressive Freeze Concentration Research

This is my wife’s research in which I am part of the team. Today I became the camera man, unlike yesterday where I was the presenter. The shooting take place in our N12 laboratory.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Preparation for SPC’22
  • Checked Abdelrahim’s Methodology for proposal
  • Request for permission to purchase rack for Anis’s furnace / reactor
  • Request for permission to purchase HSC Chemistry
  • Email TNCAA
  • Checked and commented on Wan Ting’s review paper
  • Pulang text book Zara (darjah 3), ambil buku teks darjah 4.

Day 342 Task – Monthly Meeting with PhD Student that I Co-Supervised

Earlier today, we visited (ziarah) our friend Dr. Norzita because her mother passed away. Please accept our condolences.

Immediately after that, official work commenced. Among them were to submit the payment invoice for UPMU to Radis, reviewed a manuscript from a reputable Q1 journal, checked my PSM student research work progress.

One of the interesting event today was the meeting with Salman, a PhD student that I supervised. We have an online meeting at home (WFH) and the progress of this student is amazing so far. We’re pretty impressed with his awesome ideas and rapid progress. I can see that this student have a bright future ahead and can finish fast if his work rate is like that.

On a different note, at 11.15pm at night, we had a trial online mock run for Zarifah, my master student who earlier has some issues with her microphone (attached to her laptop). Dr. Mazura, her co-supervisor was very helpful, knowledgeable and skillful to troubleshoot. Believe it or not, the trouble shooting process lasted at 1.00am in the morning.

Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —> https://people.utm.my/zakiyamani/category/1-activity-1-day/ 

Progressive Freeze Concentation of Coconut Water

A new publication of ours was just published. Here is the detail of the publication:

Mazura Jusoh*, Noor Naimah Mohamed Nor, Zaki Yamani ZakariaProgressive Freeze Concentation of Coconut WaterJurnal Teknologi, 2014 Vol. 67, No.2

Click here to read the paper from Jurnal Teknologi.