How is telecom industry benefiting their data?

How is telecom industry benefiting the big data?

Telecom industries are sitting on a gold mine, as they have plenty of data. But what they require is a proper digging and analysis of both structured and unstructured data to become a valuable asset to the industries.

Big Data from the perspectives of telecommunication industry

Through proper digging, they are able to get deeper insights into customers’:

  • Behaviour – combat fraud
  • Service usage patterns – marketing interest, marketing agility  (related to temporal data)
  • Preferences
  • Real time interests – real time customer insights (related to temporal data)

From Acker et al (2013), the telecom industry must experiment their own data. Demonstrating what they have on hand to see what kinds of connections and correlations it reveals, This process must be carried out iteratively to emerge the more efficient operations and more effective marking.

Source: Acker et al (2013)


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