Kapsul eLPPT 2017: Lesson Learned Part 1 – Kegiatan dan Sumbangan Luar Tugas Rasmi

Kegiatan dan Sumbangan Luar Tugas Rasmi. Contoh-contoh aktiviti ialah:

  1. Pengacara Majlis
  2. AJK Komuniti dan Persatuan – e.g. PIBG, PDK, pendidikan
  3. Pengurus Pasukan – presentation/infographic/video
  4. Hakim – pertandingan
  5. Panel – majlis

Kapsul eLPPT 2017: Lesson Learned Part 1 – Webometrics Indexed by Google

Sumbangan Webometric (Under Bonus – max 10%)

Komponen 3: PRESENCE (Size/Pages)
Jumlah bilangan webpage milik staf di *.utm.my/* yang berjaya di index oleh Google search engine
Skala (Bil.Webpage) Markah
250 dan ke atas 5%
200-249 4%
150-199 3%
100-149 2%
50-99 1%

How to know your webpages presence rating? It’s very simple, just perform the step below:

  1. Open www.google.com as usual
  2. at google search column, type “site:https://people.utm.my/suraya” (site:your webpage url)
  3. Then, google will give your webpage search result.

From the example below, we can see that my page has 127 results, means my webpage presence fall under second lower category (100-149) and alhamdulillah, then the system calculate that  I got 1.27 marks for my elppt bonus.



eLPPT – initiatives in 2017

The staff might get marks on these:

1. Mark indicator for each component input

2.To consider space load in elppt

3. Staff own initiative – e.g. use their own money to get grant, consultation and  -consider for them to claim back.

4. Way forward is going to ‘differentiated career pathway (DCP) in 2018


Research Bonus for eLPPT

You can get your bonus once you submit and once you are granted.

Corresponding, first author and 1st UTM author – give equal 1mark. The co-authors get half mark.

Same goes to the supervision. Main SV got one and co-sv got half.

Quartile means Q1 and Q2