2022 Day 33 Task – Checked Stage 3 Draft Report of My Students

It’s still an off day here as the Chinese New Year Celebration is still on. Nevertheless, pending works are still counting and it needed to be completed. One of it is the Stage 3 – Safety and Health 2021 (S&H2021) report for my ITE and ISP Section 05 that should receive our comments before they submit it this coming Sunday.

Other tasks for the day:

I wish they were… but I was still in holiday mood as well.

Day 166 Task – Test MKKK1653 Safety and Health in Chemical Plant

Today in the morning, I conducted Test 1 for my Master Safety Class MKKK1653. There are no other option than to handle to test on an online mode. I uploaded the question 10 minutes before the test commences which was at 8.30am and gave the students 2 hours to complete the test. At 10.30am, the students submitted their answer script one by one via eLearning submission link.

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Day 50 Task – Safety Audit Task at Selected Labs

One of the task assigned to me was to conduct safety audit at 4 labs in the school of chemical and energy engineering (SKT). With me, there were Dr. Hajar Alias and Dr. Yanti Maslina Jusoh. We all were assigned to audit Process Design Lab (N15-2), Process Control and Instrumentation Lab (N15-1), Chemical Reaction Engineering Group (CREG) Lab (N16-1) and Analytical Lab (N18-2). The event went fine. Off course there were few stuffs that requires improvement and concern.

Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —> https://people.utm.my/zakiyamani/category/1-activity-1-day/

Pakej Tidak Terduga

Pada suatu tengahari yang cerah mentari panas memancarkan sinar menerangi alam, saya menerima sepucuk email memaklumkan untuk mengambil pakej bungkusan di pejabat.

Aittt! “Bila pulak saya beli barang?”, bisik benak hati ini. Saya pun tak expect apa2 dari sesiapa. Saya pun pick up pakej itu dan terasa berat. Berat betul.

Saya pun membuka pakej bungkusan Pos Laju 1kg tersebut di ofis. Oh… Macam kitab, macam buku. Rupanya sebuah buku sangat tebal nukilan Hamka iaitu “Sejarah Umat Islam” . 3 atau 4 kali ganda lebih tebal dari laptop Lenovo saya.

Hamka sebenarnya warga Indonesia yang sangat berkebolehan dan terkenal. Beliau merupakan Ahli Falsafah, Ulama, Novelist dan Ahli Politik.

Saya hargai pemberian ini. Terima kasih Aziah Jamaludin, pelajar Master Safety MKKH saya yang baru graduasi Oktober lalu. All the best in your future undertaking.