MYRA Internal Audit for RMC Project Monitoring Division

Before Ramadhan, I was involved with the Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) UTM MYRA internal audit. But today, I was wearing a different hat. I am now attending another MYRA internal audit but wearing a hat as the Deputy Director of Research Management Centre (RMC) UTM, as a team that handles all project and monitoring.

That day our team consisted of Hani, Sapiah, Mazlan, Tariq and Illani. The auditor was PM Dr. Juhana from AMTEC, appointed by KPT.

Day 50 Task – Safety Audit Task at Selected Labs

One of the task assigned to me was to conduct safety audit at 4 labs in the school of chemical and energy engineering (SKT). With me, there were Dr. Hajar Alias and Dr. Yanti Maslina Jusoh. We all were assigned to audit Process Design Lab (N15-2), Process Control and Instrumentation Lab (N15-1), Chemical Reaction Engineering Group (CREG) Lab (N16-1) and Analytical Lab (N18-2). The event went fine. Off course there were few stuffs that requires improvement and concern.

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